Racing in the Rain Project By: Videl Nelson

Story Number One

A ball of fluff came bounding towards her, affectionately nipping at her feet. Had she known their time, like an ever shortening candle, would melt into nothingness things may have been different. However time is very elusive, just when you seem to have solved it all it has you once again chasing it, a tail to its ever bustling comet. Where the small yipping puppy, whose coat seemed like a Reese's cup had been swirled into fur and balled up, had such little time. Despite this the impact he made couldn't have been much less than an ice storm in Floridia. Even when his flame seemed like nothing more than a spark he would continue to fight long after the smoke had cleared.

He was a snowflake, unique in every way and playful beyond imagination. From the first day he came bounding towards her, a wild firework that had shot from her father's arms. He was her friend from that day, as if someone had written their relationship in stone. Together, balled up, snuggling in the summer air like a new born puppy next to its mother. Some days he was a companion, others a playmate, sometimes even like a baby doll which the girl cradled in a nurturing way. Almost never far behind like a balloon tied to your wrist, always there, and ready to make you laugh. It seemed so sad that a creature as pure as the whitest pearl and as young as the many saplings nearby would be left in the most deadly of situations. That is why those afternoons spent trailing behind his leash and being pulled along, as if strapped to an automated metal detector, would always be with her. Those moments on the deck, outside in the fresh, crisp, dry, summer air, where the two would lay well into the night. Those are the times, like gum on the bottom of your shoes, that will forever stick with you.

It was only a week, only a week little Rusty had stayed with them. Less then a page on a calendar and he was gone from this world forever. She took a gamble, attempting to do what was better like a leader will always do for their team. However the future is a mystery, no formula in the world can solve it, no detective can find it. Like a rabbit that seems to come out from a dozen holes sparatically, you can never predict where to catch him. Although you want to plan the future, noteing every detail for every event, nothing goes as you picture it. Like a cookie you didn't quite bake right, your plan crumbles before you, and swallowed up without a word to be said. That is what happened that day, someone's plan of a lifetime companion got crumpled, and swallowed up by the dark abyss of life. Like that iconic house being swept away in The Wizard of Oz there went Rusty, swept up by the disastrous tornado of life. He was lifted off into the sky, a small balloon who's bright colors contrasted the deep blue of the sky, was one last reminder of Rusty the puppy.

It happened in a flash, like a bolt of lightning, it was over in the blink of an eye. It came barreling towards him, a monsterous beast of fur, teeth barred like daggers. Rusty never stood a chance, never got the chance to run as the bull-like creature charged him. He lay there on the soft, carpet like, grass that wrapped him in a cacoon of comfort. She was next to him in a second, summoning rain that seemed to endlessly spill onto his body. She continued to weep as if that alone could end the deep, dark, red that seeped through his fur. Like a soapy sponge that was squeezed the watery red kept pooring over the edges, an overflown dam. She ran that day cradling the lump of stained fur in her arms, like a battering ram she sped through the neighbor's door. Everything was a thick, gray, fog in her mind, as if a storm had rolled in everything was clouded. One second in a warm, comforting home the next in a cold, clean, crisp office. Transported from one world to another, from one where hope existed the next where it wasn't even mentioned. Rusty was gone that day, as the vet made one final motion, one last goodbye was said. Although he never was truly gone before, he already had left much sooner. He bounded through an open door, as happy as ever. Once into the bright, warm, welcoming light the door softly shut with a simple click and turn of a lock.

Afterwards she brought about a storm of rage, sorrow, pain, guilt, and regret. She blamed herself, as if she were responsible for a world war. If only she could turn the clock back, force someone to change the past. However her thoughts only led to so many tears it could fill a hurricane. Along with grief came a rage, so fiery it could melt anything it touched. Slowly, like a tortoise she recovered some of her normal life. Over the course of a few months, friends were able to help her, compasses guiding her through a broken life. She was a sailboat floating through the ocean of life, just barely surviving the first wave of many. Life is as unpredictable as a book, you never know what the next page may hold.

Thank you, thank you for listening to her story.

Story Number Two
There were fields as far as the eye could see. A quilt of green with one black patch that didn't quite fit in place. It scanned the sourounding area carefully like a birdwatcher in a forest of trees. Once deciding it was safe he leapt like a dancer and rolled himself in a blanket of grass. A name like Dinky was about as misleading as the plot of "And Then There Were None". He was massive, a cruise ship compared to the little six year old boy he watched over. Like a professional babysitter the boy was never far from his careful gaze. After all what kind of friend would he be if his companion were to be put into harms way?
Like a rider on horseback the boy rode on his trusty dog steed. It was the greatest of times, or at least one of them thought so. Regardless of this Dinky was there, a tail to the boy's comet, he was never far. They grew closer than the space between atoms, inseparable even if cut by the sharpest of scissors.

Dinky's protective nature never failed to amaze others. He would risk life and limb to see those he cared for were safe and sound. Not only that but he could wait for hours, the perfect companion to have. Well almost perfect, he had just one puzzle piece missing. However no one is "perfect" and it is the "flaws" in people that make you, well you. One night on, the Fourth of July it was Dinky's character that would give everyone a laugh for years to come. Like an old tale this story is still told and it still holds the same emotion as if trapped in a locket. After seeing the danger these sparking menaces posed to his family, Dinky took it upon himself to protect them. After they shot off and ruptured the sky with blasts of sound and color he would dispose of the charred, grey, remains. Although one of these was not like the rest, like in those old spot the difference games. This one was brightly colored and still sparking. Dinky, however ignored this and promptly scooped it inside of his mouth. Then he went on to dispose of this death machine like the rest, that's when it happened. It began wildly shooting sparks in every direction, his eyes wild with fear as he ran. Sparatically, a grasshopper leaping and howling through the grass. Eventually the terrors were over, Dinky had done his job again, protecting his family even at the cost of his own life.

However these joyous, fairytale like adventures came to an end. Dinky was sent away when his home had altered. The vast lands were replaced with a fenced in yard, his isolated home now surrounded by neighbors. With this change all thought it was best to give him a more proper home with a relative. Their visits were now sparse and irregular. The boy felt as though a piece of him was missing, like someone had chopped up his life, sewn it together, and missed a piece.

He left one night in loving arms and within the comforting state of sleep. Like a dark abyss had been flooded with a warming, soft, bright light. He had lived for many years and brought so much joy to those he cared for. Like the giving tree he gave all he could to see others happy and now it was his time to go. He looked up at the bright, beckoning sky and allowed himself to be wrapped in the soft fluffy clouds. The bright blue welcomed him, a hero back from the war of life. The boy was devastated, losing his companion and never being there for him in his last moments. He never go to return the favor he owed him for saving him all of those times. However he knew Dinky was happy, he was at peace, and that was possibly the best gift one could have given him.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to witness his story
Story Number Three

He was a soft, warm, fun brownie with icecream swirled into the mix, because where there is a brownie icecream follows. Brownie was quite an appropriate name for the small, spunky, and sweet little dog. It looked like a brown cow with long cloud like spots pasted onto him, or at least his fur seemed that way. Like a soft, fluffy, cotton ball of a cloud you could always snuggle and cuddle with him. He was a soft summer breeze, gentle, kind, and just what you needed. Although he may not have been protective he could always make you laugh as though someone tickled your feet. He was her best friend in these days and would be for many to come. Like a sticky note he was always reminding you to play and nagging at the back of your mind, causing you to never forget him. Nipping at your feet, a crocodile in the long grass. Like a roll of ductape he was always there for you and could fix 99% of all problems just with his presence. She was the icecream to his brownie.

They chased and played for hours on end, time no longer restricted them, clocks were never invented. Nothing restricted the two from having the greatest of times. One day they would roll in grass, others chase, like a randomizer each day was something new and different. They chased each other, magnets being pulled together by some unknown force. Inseparable as if stuck together by super glue was the only way one could describe their bond. However only one calander could be mappped with their time together. In the end all good things come to an end no matter what we want.

Why hadn't he been present, she was no better than the scum on the bottom of ones shoe. She hadn't been there to save him, all of those months in joyous bliss would end, all because of her. Like the one who placed the red sock in the load of white laundry she was the one to blame. However she couldn't have known, for as time is as mysterious as our origins. There seem to be a thousand different possoblilties and yet, it's nearly impossible to decide on the correct one. What would have happened though, had she gone left jnstead of right, kept Brownie in the house or let him out. It was her fault he got ran over, or was it? Her sister was to blame, she drove the car over him, squeezed the life from his body. She was upset at the world and just decided to point the blame at someone else. Like a spinner her sister seemed to be where the arrow directed all of her anger, it was being put through a funnel directed at her. For months she seethed in anger and wanted her to feel the guilt. However a question doesn't always need an answer, a problem doesn't always need someone to blame.

She knew she was wrong, if in court she knew she would be found guilty for her behavior. So she put an end to it, like road blocking a street of cruel and hateful things. She began again, as if turning over a new leaf, she became a new person, a better person. She knew that Brownie would have liked this much better wherever he was. He smiled upon her, seeing his old friend return to her playful and kind ways brightended his days. He was rolling in the clouds now, leaping and bounding from one to another. Even now he would never give up who he was, that way he would always be ready for her return.
Thank you for experiencing her story.
Thank you for reading my representations of three life changing experiences.


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