What a hypocrite I swear he is. He really is.

You know what's so goddamn annoying? People that have the audacity to claim one thing but then go and do the opposite as if they don't understand what the hell they just said. Take this as an example. This girl, super smart girl don't get me wrong. But she's actually just a booze hound but no one really sees it. She really is. Anyways, she will go on for years to tell you how much she hates her best friend that she despises for her immaturity and nonsense but then goes and spends every breathing second on this earth with her. I've never heard of someone like that. I just don't get it. And on top of that the claims she has to hang out with her even if her live depended on it. My ass-it's like there's two different people in the one mind of the girl. For chrissake, do not change your opinion of someone for others when they're not around. It depresses the hell out of me when I see things like that. You would've thought friends would stick together when they become the same person after that many decades together. You would've thought they would have some goddam respect for each other. Here's an idea: be committed like a goddamn priest is committed to God instead of being some dirty moron that backs out on their best friend the second they walk out of the same room. You're disrespecting the person. You really are. I wish you could see it.

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