Hobbies and interest By:Samantha Pendergrass


The topic that I reserched was Hobbies and interests I chose that topic becasue I wanted to see what kids in my school do on there free time


The purpose of me doing this survey question is becase, I wanted to see what kids in my school perfer to do.

Who took my survey

Majority of the people who took my survey were female and they were all in seventh grade.


My expections were to opefully see most kids to be into sports and hobbies. And I did see majority of people at my school be intrested in sports.

Suprising results

Something that suprized me was that alot of kids like to cook. Most kids make there mom and dad do it but sometimes they like doing it thereselves.

Why I did this survey

Thats whyI did my survey about hobbies and sports to see what kids in my school do on there free time

changes I would make

The things i would change and make different is how i asked the questions. and i would add more questions and make them more broad.

The reason why I did this

the reason why I did this kind of survey questions is becasue I wanted to see what kids at my school perfer to do as hobbies and on there free time.


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