Swarthmore Volleyball February 2017

Adventures Abroad (Part 1)

An exclusive interview with one of our beloved juniors studying abroad!

Alice Liu

Where/ what are you studying?

I'm studying Architecture/Design and Economics at Copenhagen, Denmark.

What is your favorite activity/ adventure/ thing that you've done so far?

My favorite part of studying abroad in Denmark is cooking dinner together with the Danes on my hall. A few weekends ago, we had a sushi night and we went grocery shopping together, made the sushi, and also ate together. We played a board game afterwards and had more desert (ice cream and blueberries).

Alice is very excited about her sushi.

Favorite food?

Inspired by a friend at Swat, I decided to incorporate butternut squash into my meals and set off a chain reaction! All of a sudden, everyone in my kitchen was either roasting butternut squash in the oven or cooking it together with their vegetables. So maybe we'll have another kitchen gathering revolving around butternut squash?

New words or phrases that you've learned?

Kage is cake in Danish. You pronounce it like [Kaaaaaa] and drag out the A.

Our Favorite Basketball Player

Bridget Scott

Bridget Scott goes to the hoop while a player from Washington College looks on in awe.

How do your sports complement each other?

Although the rules of the game change from one season to the next, the camaraderie, spirit, and togetherness of team are present when I step onto the volleyball and basketball courts. Coach often uses basketball references to teach me different volleyball skills, like a slide approach. Finding the crossover between two sports has really helped me develop as a player.

What is the best thing about being a multi-sport athlete?

I get to spend time with two groups of amazing people. I'm so lucky to not only one--but two--teams who always know how to make me laugh and who have my back on and off the court.

What is the most challenging thing about being a multi-sport athlete?

Being in season from August to February is challenging both mentally and physically. Balancing school and sports through the majority of the school year can be difficult. By junior year, I've definitely found some hacks to make it work; from doing readings on the bus to working with teammates to get problem sets done, keeping both the student and athlete in student-athlete can be done.

Success breeds success with Swarthmore athletics

Check out this article from the Philadelphia Inquirer about our men's basketball team! It mentions the successes of our program as well!

Snell-shillingford symposium

The symposium for female athletes and coaches recently celebrated its 18th anniversary. This year's symposium was hosted by McDaniel College and co-directed by our very own Harleigh Chwastyk.


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