Science Project

this does not have to do with ANYTHING i'm talking aboutt

This year was VERY Intristing the year is going my so kuick and it's omost summer had a lot of fun in one of the project we did, i worked with 3 of my friends even though there was a lot in the way for all of us we got threw it all right. i liked how we all came up with the idea's at first. But after we got home we kinda broke apart from all the stuff one of are friends were not there but even though we still had fun while we were working on the project. But most of the time we did got off track. when the time came for us to present are project to the class i was kinda scared cause i really never talk but it seemed all right. (well that's a lie =P).After we were done setting up we waited for us to be up while we were looking at the others stuff i noticed that how a other "team" made there project, it looked amazing i was so amazed at how they made there project. there project kinda looked like a game from a arcade well it wad just made out of tape, box, paper and some glue but it worked. But when we made are 2ed one it looked cool...i guess (not in my opinion because i made it) But anyways. I like to work on that project i don't even remember what it was cold

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