Creative Cloud overview and CURATED adobe resources

What is Adobe Creative Cloud (CC)?

Desktop Apps

These are the leading desktop applications used by faculty, staff, and students to create impactful digital content.

Adobe Photoshop

Essential tutorials to edit and composite images:

  • get to know Photoshop
  • change image size
  • work with layers
  • adjust image quality
  • make selections
  • retouch images
  • use color
  • add text and shapes
  • combine images
  • apply filters
  • and more...

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Essential tutorials to manage, edit, and share photo collections:

  • take your first steps with Lightroom
  • getting to know the editing controls
  • adjust light and color
  • crop and adjust perspective
  • make selective edits
  • add effects and improve detail
  • use Lightroom across your devices
  • organize your photos
  • search and find photos
  • save and share your photos
  • and more...

Adobe Illustrator

Essential tutorials to create beautiful vectors for logos, icons, drawings, typography, and illustrations for any medium:

  • get to know Illustrator
  • create and edit shapes
  • transform and edit artwork
  • change color and strokes
  • add text to your designs
  • create with drawing tools
  • organize content with layers
  • work with artboards
  • add images and artistic effects
  • share artwork
  • and more...

Adobe InDesign

Essential tutorials to craft elegant layouts for print, PDF, and the Web:

  • get started with InDesign
  • add text
  • format text
  • add and transform graphics
  • apply color and effects
  • edit content
  • multipage documents
  • organize content with layers
  • add interactivity
  • share InDesign projects
  • and more...

Adobe Premiere Pro

Essential tutorials to make visually stunning videos:

  • create a project and import a clip
  • explore Premiere Pro panels
  • learn editing skills
  • work with graphics and titles
  • adjust the timing of your edits
  • change the look for your clips
  • add effects
  • work with audio
  • work with your clips
  • share your created movie
  • and more...

Adobe After Effects

Essential tutorials to create incredible motion graphics and visual effects:

  • get to know After Effects
  • work with compostions
  • create and animate text
  • repair video
  • build custom transitions
  • create visual effects
  • create animated backgrounds
  • select and animate layers
  • work with 3D
  • render your artwork
  • and more...

Adobe Audition

Essential tutorials to record, edit, and mix audio for video, podcasts, and effects:

  • what is Audition
  • record and edit music
  • get started with audio mixing
  • easily remix music to fit your video
  • import audio files and browse media
  • create your own podcast
  • make selections for audio editing
  • use the spectral frequency display to clean up your audio
  • repair and restore audio
  • manipulate and adjust audio levels
  • record an audio file
  • clean up audio tracks and sound clips
  • remove noise from audio files
  • and more...

Adobe XD

Essential tutorials to design, prototype, and share user experiences:

  • get to know XD
  • lay out and design your app or website
  • create and preview interactive prototypes
  • share prototypes for review
  • start your designs with UI kits
  • and more...

Adobe Dimension

Essential tutorials to create photorealistic comps that combine 2D and 3D assets:

  • using assets and 3D stock in Dimension
  • add and import models
  • move, rotate, and scale objects
  • move the view
  • make selections
  • add and edit materials
  • adding logos and graphics
  • match image
  • rendering
  • and more...

Adobe Acrobat DC

Essential tutorials to fill, edit, sign, and share PDFs on any device:

  • what is Acrobat
  • where do PDFs come from?
  • get to know the Acrobat interface
  • create PDFs from text and image files
  • get started with Acrobat
  • edit a PDF
  • create PDFs from MS Office
  • convert a scan to a searchable PDF
  • edit text and images in PDFs
  • combine files into a PDF
  • add sticky notes and other annotations
  • add links to PDFs
  • extract pages from a PDF
  • split a PDF file
  • export PDFs to MS Office formats
  • and more...

Adobe Creative Cloud Services

Essential tutorials to make the most of Creative Cloud services:

  • manage assets with CC libraries
  • tap into a vast library of available fonts
  • resolve missing fonts
  • quickly find stock assets for inspiration and purchase
  • build an online portfolio in minutes
  • access your assets anywhere
  • jump start projects with royalty free assets
  • and more...

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Mobile Apps

Sketch, draw, paint, create layouts, edit photos, and make videos with Adobe’s family of mobile apps. With Adobe CreativeSync, all your apps and assets are connected across your desktop and mobile devices, so you can do great work anywhere.

More Resources

Adobe Education Exchange

Get instant access to free courses, workshops, & teaching materials and connect with the creative education community.

Adobe CC Across the Curriculum

A practical guide created by Dr. Todd Taylor, Professor of English at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Adobe Creative Cloud Across the Curriculum: A Guide for Students and Teachers is a rich online resource for students who want to tackle their academic work in innovative, digital ways and teachers in all disciplines who want to incorporate digital assignments into their coursework.

Each chapter is a step-by-step guide on how to use digital tools to help students create graphics, videos, reports, magazines, audio-visual projects, interactive web and mobile experiences, and more. You'll find complete learning modules, how-to videos, rubrics, and examples of student work to make it easy to integrate Creative Cloud into your curricula. Use the eTextbook in its entirety or select individual modules. Whether you are in the sciences, humanities, business, or engineering departments, this robust resource will help you enhance teaching and learning in innovative, digital ways.

Adobe Make It Now YouTube Channel

In sixty-seconds or less, we show you the steps to take on a fun creative project in Adobe Creative Cloud. Check out the sample video below:

Note: each tutorial includes exercise files and step-by-step instructions (click SHOW MORE) under video.

Adobe Evangelists

Learn from Adobe's Worldwide evangelists who are the leading experts in their fields:

Adobe Live

Adobe Live is where you can tune in to get all your creative inspiration. Watch live broadcasts / recorded sessions of creatives from different creative fields.


99U is Adobe’s career resource and annual conference, helping creatives of all stripes supercharge their work and make their ideas happen. Our digital publication features the stories behind the careers of leading creatives, plus guides and tips on everything from navigating entrepreneurship to achieving work-life balance. The annual Adobe 99U Conference in New York City brings our resources to life, with actionable talks, hands-on workshops, and access to creative studios and cultural spaces.

Adobe MAX 2019

Adobe's annual creativity conference held in Los Angeles, California.