My second career Primary school teacher

I would like to be a primary school teacher because I like to working with children and I would like to help them get a good education.

Job family

The job family for the job I want to be (primary school teacher ) is may be the kind of person who enjoys helping or caring for others.In a team project you will want everyone to get along well and stop arguing.

Skills you need to be a primary school teacher

Organisation skills. Have confidence. Motivate students. Good feedback.

Subjects needed for this job

English Maths. Science

GCSEs needed

You need grade c or above for maths grade c or above for English and grade c or above for science

University were I would study to be a primary school teacher

Queens university in Belfast to do a teaching degree


Those passionate about teaching point to the benefits of working with children and positively influencing te lives of their students other advantages of teaching are the summer off schedules and the ability to pursue intellectual interests for example someone who's interested in physics so they can further their own knowledge on the subject.


Teachers often struggle with the challenges of school budget cuts large classroom sizes increasingly demanding curriculum requirements and lack of parental involvement school district financial worrys may equate to pay cuts lay offs and a reduction of job benefits such as healthcare and retirement for many teachers some states have changed laws giving school districts more flexibility in eliminating tenured teaching positions by eliminating tenured positions districts are then able to hire new teachers for lower wages.

What you will have to do

You will have to give the children your teaching good education and explain things good and make sure the children understand

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