Pop-Art Project Vivian Moore

3/10/17- I worked on and completed 6 rough sketches. These sketches will form the base of my project. I decided to base my sketches off of the artist, Roy Litchenstein because I liked how simplistic yet tasteful his artwork was. I decided to center the "story line" about small, close up details that no one really thinks about when getting ready for some type of special event. I would like to use primary colors on this project because I think they are very bold.

3/14/17- My sketches were approved by Ms. McCall, but I had to add some things to the sketches. The three sketches that were approved were the stilettos, lipstick, and person spraying perfume. In order to make these sketches go throughout the entire book, I have to add things in to each sketch to make it more complete. I decided to add things in the background to make the design blend more easily. I also decided to make the substance coming out of the perfume bottle the focus of the design instead of the hand.

3/20/17- Last class, I made 3 large sketches of the approved designs. The sketches had to be proportional and include the revisions that were made on the sketches in a previous class. I colored them using bright and bold shades. One of the restrictions of coloring them was that we weren't allowed to use more that one shade of a particular color. Another restriction was that we had to use at least 2 mediums.

3/22/17- Last class, I started to put my cover design on a white sheet of paper. I completed the sketch on a white piece of paper. I also started to color the middle of my design with red colored pencil. I think that the colored pencil looks great because the pigment is really strong which creates a bold look. Today, I hope to finish coloring my design for the cover & use more than one medium.

3/24/17- During this class period and the last one, I finished my design for the cover on the large white sheet of paper. I colored the center design with red & black colored pencil. I did the background with blue and yellow marker. I chose these colors because Roy Litchenstein's work was mostly primary colors. I also was able to put the design on matte board and finish it.

3/28/17- Today, I started to draw and color my other two designs that would make up the middle of the book. I was able to finish drawing both of the designs. I ended up changing some parts of my design, like adding rain drops into the design of the shoes. I also started coloring on the large sheet of paper using colored pencils. I decided to use red for the color of the shoes and a peach toned colored pencil for the skin. I would like to use acrylic for the background of the drawings because acrylic is a very bold medium.

3/30/17- Today, I finished coloring the red part of the shoes using the colored pencils. I Also colored the rain drops in with a dark blue marker. I began to paint the background of the shoes with yellow acrylic to match the theme of my design. I didn't get to finish painting it this class. I also managed to outline the design of the shoes.

4/3/17- Today , I worked on coloring the other design, the perfume. I decided not to finish painting the yellow on the background of the shoes today because I didn't want to wait a long time for it to dry. I decided to use yellow and blue marker as the stripes that were coming out of the perfume bottle. I kept the same peachy color for the skin and used red and blue colored pencil for the design of the perfume bottle. I also decided to use red dots as the background.

4/5/17- Today, I finished coloring in my perfume design. I outlined everything in the design with black marker. I also finished painting the heel design with the yellow acrylic paint. When I finished all of that, I started to cut the design. I cut the design in half on both sides and then attached them together to make one long strip.

4/18/17- Today, I planned what I was going to do with the strip as far as pop outs, cutouts, and weavings went. I decided to repeat the lip design within my piece to make it more unified. I also decided to keep everything as a primary color to match the design.

4/20/17- Today. I folded the pages and began to make pop outs. I had a problem with the folds at first because they were uneven. I had to refold them a couple of times to make sure that they were all around the same length. I also started the pop outs by making a lip shaped cut in the crease and making sure not to completely cut it out.

4/24/17- Today, I worked on adding pop outs and making one of the two weavings in my piece. I used blue, yellow, and red strips for the weavings. I decided to make them fairly small to make sure that they didn't completely take away from the piece. I also continued to add pop outs to the piece.

4/26/17- Today, I finished the pop outs. I made one on each crease of the pages of the book. I added little pieces of red paper onto them in order to make it resemble somewhat of a mosaic. I also did this to make the design pop a little more so it wouldn't blend in with the background. Finally I added sequins to make it more decadent.

4/28/17- Today, I added pockets to my design. I decided to make the pockets in places where people wouldn't normally think to look. I decided to make two in the shape of teardrops to go around the teardrops of the design, and one on a part of the perfume bottle. One problem I had was that it was hard for me to understand at first how to make a tear drop shaped pocket. However, I figured this out and was able to successfully attach them to the piece.

5/2/17- Today, I made cut outs to my design. I decided to make them within the pages. I made them in spots where I thought it would look cooler if there was an empty space than if there was colored paper . I cut out the little hole in the perfume bottle to resemble an actual hole. I also cut out parts of tear drops to symbolize the pain in crying that one feels.

5/4/17- Today, I added a 2nd weaving to my piece. I decided to do this because I felt that one weaving wasn't enough. I decided to add it to the very last page of the piece because I thought it would tie the design together nicely. I decided to use blue, yellow, red and white in order to follow the primary color scheme throughout the piece.

5/8/17- Today, I cut out the outer edges of the pages. I did this to make it seem more abstract and make the pages look less like pages. The cuts I made were mostly curved, which was what I thought fit the best with my design. I decided to cut out large parts in order to intensify the mood of the piece.

5/10/17- Today I mounted the design onto the cover, covered the back of the cover with paper, and I overall cleaned up the piece. I mounted the design onto the cover by using elmers glue and placing it center. I added red and blue paper to the backs of the cover in order to make it look more visually appealing. I also

5/12/17- I wasn't here on this day due to an AP euro exam. I decided to wait to turn in my project until the next week because I thought that there were still some adjustments that needed to be made in order to give the piece the full potential that it had.


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