Family Matters By: Sebastian Martinez

Bruce is known as a hero in his city, for all he has done for it. Bruce is a professional detective with the GPD and has worked there for twenty years. He is known as one of the “greatest” detectives known to man for he has solved more crimes than any other detective in the world. He has an I.Q.of 220 and knows every type of martial arts. He is a mastermind with weapons and gadgets. No matter what type of crime or what’s in his way, he will never give up until it is over. He is married, has a family , and will do anything for them.

The day was like any other another crime another mystery to solve. Bruce himself knew this was a piece of cake as he arrived to the crime scene. As he drove up the complex it was surrounded by police. He was confused and dazed as to what has happened. He got out of his BMW Z8 to examine the scene. He then collapses in shock to see it is own house with his family missing and a note addressed him.He wakes up in his office disoriented and his co-workers helping him up. He asks for the note and reads it himself. The note explains why his family is missing and why everything has happened to him. He then gets up tells everyone thank you and walks out the door. To this day he hasn’t been seen.

It’s been 10 years since his disappearance. There is then a sudden ring at the door and Bruce walks in looking lost and wounded. Before anyone greets him they come to his aid and address issue. The workers rush him to the hospital and wait for his healing. A couple hours pass and the doctor walks out and relieves everyone of their miseries. The following day Bruce reveals his reasons for his disappearance. He said the note that he received said that his family is being held captive and if he didn’t cooperate with the criminals that there would be consequences. Using his mind he tracked there location to an abandoned warehouse. He walked through the front door after defeating the enemies. He found nothing, but another army of men ready to attack. He had been outsmarted. He was hurt and couldn’t take any more damage. He ran out got in his car and drove to the only place he knew was safe his office. He told the workers that his family is still out there worried, and hurt. He couldn’t just stand around and do nothing. He walks to the armory grabs weapons and throws them to the other men in the office , and tells them they have another crime to solve. On the way to a location ,where Bruce knows for sure they will be, he tells the men that they will be out numbered. The men have to worries as for they are helping a long time friend. As they arrive to the location they’re bullets flying everywhere. They jump out the vehicle and fire back. Bruce has a plan and tells his men he’s going in and for them to stay here and distract the troops. He grabs a gun and leaps into action taking men out one by one. He screams in anger and tackles some more. He then hears screaming at a distance. He rushes to a big black door and bursts through. He sees his family with a man in an eye patch waiting for him. The man says to stay away or he´ll shoot he grabs a hold of his gun and as quick as lightning he fires and takes down the man. He rushes to his family hugs and tells them he loves them. He looks up to see the man is gone , so he returns outside with the men only to find out a couple were killed. He knows they are in a good place now for the deeds they did for him. They all returned to the office and told everyone everything that happened.The following morning a ceremony was held ,for those who gave their lives to save a man and his family.

Bruce went home and told his family he was going to return working at the GPD. He left and continued working. At the office he continued to work like the man he was. The tall, lean, black haired detective continued to work like he used to. He continued to solve the impossible and defeat the strongest. One day a co -worker walks in telling him the man was back. He got up in shock of the news. He handed Bruce the papers and pictures of the crime.Bruce gets a sudden flashback of what happened to him and his family. He remembers what everyone went through for him. He remembers the long months and grueling days he spent searching. He then remembers the man. The man with the eye patch. He grabs his coat and keys and tells everyone that they’re in for a wild one.

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