Anti- Abortion Laws By: Emma Zondlo


Ultrasound Bill: Kentucky Bill that states that the physician preforms an ultrasound, describes it to the patient, and has them listen to the heartbeat.

House Bill 2: bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, requires abortion clinics to meet the same standards as hospital-style surgical centers and mandates that a doctor have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the facility where he or she performs abortions.

Women's March on Washington: women's rights are human rights

March for Life: A march that protests abortion

Roe vs Wade: supreme court case that lets women have an abortion

American Civil Liberties Union: The American Civil Liberties Union( ACLU) is a non profit organization that works to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States.

Pro Life: Means you don't believe in aborting a fetus

Pro Choice: Means that you believe the woman can choice what she wants to do. Its the women's choice.

Why were the Anti-Abortionist kicked out of the March on Washington?

Many groups were kicked out of the March on Washington because they were Pro life groups, and the march was about the Women’s choice to do what they want with their bodies. Because the pro life demonstrators were kicked out on January 21, 2017 the Pro Life groups were even more eager to attend the March for Life. The March for Life is a march that is protesting abortion. The March on Washington contained a lot of celebrities that spoke and they referred to themselves as nasty women, which was inspired by Donald Trump, he just didn’t know it. Julie Zauzmer and Sarah Pulliam Bailey, both are reporters from the Washington Post, stated, “Many women who opposed abortion changed their minds about going, and others who appeared with their anti abortion signs were met with loud shouts of "my body, my choice" by other marchers.” People who were pro life feminists had to convince people that was a choice they could make and they did that by attending the March for Life. When the Students for Life showed up they were not welcome with open arms instead they were yelled at. Emily Crockett, staff writer on gender and other issues on vox topics, states, “We had marchers screaming at us, ripping up our signs, one spit on us.” Not everybody reacted that way, though; she said that one group of young women with pro-choice signs “shouted at us, ‘We still love you!’ I almost ran over and hugged them.”

Why did Trump change his stance on abortion?

Trump changed his stance on abortion because of a close friend of his, his wife was pregnant and the couple talks about aborting the fetus. According to Philip Bump, the National Correspondent from the Washington Post states, when Trump was first asked what his stance on abortion was in 1999 he declared that he was very pro choice. But he said that he evolved on many topics over the years. He even relates his situation to Ronald Reagan, who also changed his stance on abortion. Trump changed his stance on abortion because a close friend of his was pregnant and one parent wanted to keep the baby and the other didn’t. In the end the couple kept the baby and seeing the joy of the parents made Trump change his stance. “It’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him. And you know here’s a baby that wasn’t going to be let into life. And I heard this, and some other stories, and I am pro-life,” said Kathryn Jean Lopez, who is the current editor at National Review Online, who quoted Trump in an interview. Trump is now trying to ban abortion completely, except in the cases of rape, incest, or when the mother's life is on the line. Trump is also trying to appoint a pro life justice to the Supreme Court to help with these plans.

Why is the American Civil Liberties Union suing Kentucky?

The ACLU is suing Kentucky because of a bill that they passed called the ultrasound bill. The ultrasound bill is a bill that requires the physician to do an ultrasound, describe the ultrasound, display the image, and provide audio of the heartbeat to the mother before the abortion. Bradford Richardson, journalist for the Washington Times, stated, “Requiring doctors to show every woman an ultrasound image and to describe them to her — even against her will — violates long-standing constitutional principles, including the right to privacy, the right to bodily integrity, and First Amendment freedoms,” William Sharp, legal director of the ACLU of Kentucky, said in a statement. The Tribune News Service, from the Governing, stated, “We anticipated as much, that's what they do, that's what liberals always do when they don't like something. They go to the courts, hope to find friendly voices and things." There was a law that was just like the ultrasound bill in North Carolina that was struck down, because the Fourth Circuit Court said it violated the physician's right to speech. But the Kentucky law was in effect immediately after the bill was passed, because the bill was passed under an emergency process.

If it is considered a double homicide if a pregnant woman gets killed, why is it legal to abort a fetus?

It is legal to abort a fetus because of the supreme court case Roe vs Wade which made abortion legal. Roe vs Wade Fast Facts from CNN states, “The Court held that a woman's right to an abortion fell within the right to privacy (recognized in Griswold v. Connecticut) protected by the Fourteenth Amendment. The decision gave a woman a right to abortion during the entirety of the pregnancy and defined different levels of state interest for regulating abortion in the second and third trimesters.” Some states have laws to focus on the harm done to the pregnant woman and the loss of her pregnancy but not on the rights of the fetus. So this law is only true in some states, and have consequences but others don’t. Each state has different laws for the causing harm to the fetus. For example in Minnesota they define the murder of an unborn child in the first, second, and third degrees and provides penalties. Other states don’t have fetal homicide laws. The National Conference of State Legislators states, “ Only 38 out of the 50 have fetal homicide laws and 23 have fetal homicide laws that apply to the earliest stages of pregnancy. “

What is the House Bill 2 and how does it apply to abortion clinics?

The House Bill 2 is an abortion law that requires abortion clinics to be like hospitals, and is making a lot of abortion clinics close. Manny Fernandez, a reporter for the New York Times, states, “The measure, House Bill 2, bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, requires abortion clinics to meet the same standards as hospital-style surgical centers and mandates that a doctor have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the facility where he or she performs abortions.” This law was in effect since 2013 but was overturned by the supreme court. Alexa Ura, is a reporter for the Texas Tribune, stated “This means Texas’ 19 remaining clinics — of the more than 40 that were open before HB 2 passed — will continue to provide abortions. Had the court upheld the hospital-like standard requirement, Texas would have been left with as few as 10 abortion clinics.”The supreme court stated that the law had few to zero benefits to Women's healthcare therefore overturning the bill, therefore overturning the House Bill 2.

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