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Life, with its unrelenting demands and challenges, can be depleting. Stress and anxiety affect over 40 million adults in North America.

Little Pockets of Peace is an invitation to step outside the noise and chaos of our world and rest.

My name is Carolynn Anctil and I am a Watercolour Illustrator, Storyteller, and Photographer living on the southern Canadian prairies. I have struggled with paralysing anxiety, bouts of depression, and Seasonal Affective Disorder, at various times throughout my entire life.

As a result, I have developed an array of systems and strategies I turn to in periods of overwhelm, that help me rise above the challenges of everyday life.

The methods I've worked with and practiced over the years bring me comfort and I have gathered them together to share with others who may also have a need.

Little Pockets of Peace is a collection of resources and strategies I've tried and tested myself, through real world practice. It is, quite simply, an idea born out of personal need.

Some of these methods will be familiar to you. Some will provide a fresh perspective on an old problem. All are a gentle invitation to catch your breath, regroup, and experiment with healthy ways of managing stressful situations.

I am committed to creating more ease, joy and tranquility in my work and life. If you want that too, but don't know where to begin, I invite you to subscribe to receive Little Pockets of Peace, delivered to your mailbox once a month. Together we'll explore ways to press Pause, get quiet, focus and ground ourselves in the present, and weave a few dreams.

Once a month, you will receive a beautiful package in the mail with a curated collection of gentle journal prompts, inspirational quotes, and concrete coping mechanisms that I have employed myself, over the years. All have been designed to help you create Little Pockets of Peace in your day.

I considered offering this resource as an e-book, but I have found that the simple act of receiving mail can have an immediate and uplifting affect on my mood. And, that's just the beginning of what I hope you will come to look forward to and benefit from, with the arrival of Little Pockets of Peace in your mailbox, each month.

If you struggle with prioritising and honouring your own needs, or with living outside the present moment, I'm confident that you will find the guidance you need in my Little Pockets of Peace.

If you've lost your way and would welcome gentle guidance to rediscover and reconnect with beauty, playful curiosity, and simple pleasures, this is for you.

Little Pockets of Peace are available for just CDN $19.99 per month.* Subscribe for 1 month, 6 months, or 12 months. Gift them to yourself or to someone you love.

Every subscription begins with the same Themed Pocket, and proceeds in order, so no matter when you choose to subscribe in the year, you will not miss out on any of the content.

12 month subscribers qualify for FREE SHIPPING within Canada and also get access to The Treehouse, an on-line repository of additional resources set up to further support you as you navigate the challenges of every day life.

*Available in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. Applicable taxes and shipping not included.

It is my sincere hope that you are able to create sacred moments in your day, filled with those things that nourish and restore you.

Warmly, Carolynn Anctil

"What a lovely thing to come home to...there's a tranquil feeling to the contents of the package, it spans my tactile & visual senses. It reminds me of something I would devour visually in the pages of Bella Grace Magazine. It's a collection of useful, actionable tips, that are easy to understand and follow." Jen V.
"In that moment of opening, I definitely experienced a little pocket of peace, and have had additional ones since, when using the suggestions. The entire package was definitely curated and created to evoke a sense of peace." Corinne D.
"I always get a little tingle of joy and excitement when the envelope pops through the letterbox. I love receiving these." Liz W.


I am not a mental health professional, nor do I profess to have all the answers.

My struggles are situational and manifest themselves more during the winter months, but I still stumble and find myself mired in periods of overwhelm.

Little Pockets of Peace is not a replacement for the expertise and personal attention that a mental health professional can provide.

If you are in crisis, please seek help from a mental health professional in your area.

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Carolynn Anctil