6th Grade Social Studies Mr. Fletcher

Get to know Mr. Fletcher:

I am so excited to be your teacher for both 6th and 7th Grade Social Studies, I am Virginia native and have received my undergraduate degree from Longwood University in 6-12th grade History and Social Science Education and have a Masters degree in Educational Leadership from George Mason University.

Course Description:

Students will use skills for historical and geographical analysis to explore the early history of the United States and understand ideas and events that strengthened the union. The standards for this course relate to the history of the United States from pre-Columbian times until 1865. Students will continue to learn fundamental concepts in civics, economics, and geography as they study United States history in chronological sequence and learn about change and continuity in our history. They also will study documents and speeches that laid the foundation for American ideals and institutions and will examine the everyday life of people at different times in the country’s history through the use of primary and secondary sources.

Class Materials

All I require for class is the following:

  • Composition Notebook
  • Loose Leaf Paper
  • Pencil

Activities and Grading

Below are some of the different types of activities that I love to complete with students in class, as well as, what is expected as far as grading expectations.

Participation Activities

Each student must shoulder responsibility for their success in this class. At times students will be engaging in the skills of historical thinking, which requires elements of reading and writing through analyzing sources. This will help the student better understand the standards that are set by the state and enhance their knowledge about how the study of history is conducted. This will not be graded, but is expected at Porter.

Formative Assessments

Students will participate in a variety of assignments within the class period that will allow each student to refine the skills and understandings that are taught during daily lessons. This would be items such as thinking maps, digital creations, games, quickchecks etc. All of these assessments help to form the students knowledge of the subject. At the end of each lesson a quickcheck is given to assess what students know, which is entered in the gradebook.

Summative Assessments

After forming their learning on the topics in Social Studies, we then focus on a final assessment for their thinking. This is usually in the form of either a unit assessment, which is multiple choice and TEI centered, or a historical thinking assessment, where students analyze primary and secondary sources.

Timeline of Units

1. Historical Thinking/Rules and Procedures, 2. Geography and Native American, 3. Exploration, 4. Colonization, 5. American Revolution, 6. Creating a Nation,7. Westward Expansion, 8. Civil War

Grade Level Policies

Yours, Mine, and Ours- This year at Porter Traditional one of our featured themes is respect, which is one of our Star Qualities. To highlight that theme the entire school is focused on creating positive interactions throughout the school and all of its members. This year the 6th Grade Team will be focusing on creating an environment of respect not only between teachers and students but also between the students themselves, which we will recognize them for each month. Please feel free to help us with that goal by having conversations with your student daily on what they are doing to foster respect within the building.

Retake Information- Students must contact me and come to remediation before any retakes will be allowed. This ensures that students are mastering the content before any other type of assessment is given on the material.

Class Dojo- Each student will sign up for class dojo in the classroom that will be monitored and utilized by the 6th Grade Team. This is to encourage students for their good behavior within the school day and will provide parents with a source of information as to the behaviors that their child is displaying at Porter. There will be whole grade level rewards for 6th Grade, please use the link below as a reference for the reward system. Students will be earning points throughout the day. (Rewards Link)

Parent Communication:

Canvas- This is our learning management system that is used for students in the 6th Grade. Here students and parents can access class assignments and see announcements from the teacher. I also frequently post due dates on Canvas.

School Messenger- School Messenger is our school website, if you click on 6th Grade in class pages you may access any one of our information pages. On this page I list important links for parents and students, as well as, post weekly announcements about what students will be learning in class and again important due dates. Here you can also find my contact information if needed.

ParentVUE: This site allows parents to be involved in student mastery of content. Here I will post weekly grades for the student. These grades are broken down by content strand so that every student/parent can see exactly how their student is doing in class and what they are struggling with a particular objective. If you have any questions about what is being shown in the gradebook, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Field Trips

Each year we take students on field trips, usually around 3-4 per year. Parents are asked to chaperone, but opportunities are limited in middle school. Make sure that you are looking for the posting on Classtag to sign up for chaperone spots.

Students at Manassas Battlefield and Gettysburg

Happy to Have You In Class

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