Tattoos on the Heart Project By owen brennan

Chapter 3 Compassion: This chapter really stikes at home because I believe we are all called to show compassion. Compassion is comething we never want to do but will make us happier, in the end, almost every time. One time I had to show compassion was when I let some one use my calculator and then I never saw it again. The next time someone asked for my calculator I decided to give it to them because that is what I would want some one to do for me. The key is to give and not count the cost.
Chapter 5 Slow Work: Everthing in this world is telling us to go fast, speed up. They say run faster, get your assignment done faster, be faster on the field. In reality God doesn't care how fast we do things or how fast we get to him. Jesus says "You are the light of the world". This is very touching to me and it relates to slow work because he doesn't say be fast and then you'll be the light. He clearly says you are the light of the world and it shouldn't matter if we are fast. Take your time and you will get there.
Chapter 7 Gladness: We have so many thing to be glad about in our lives that we take for granted and we don't even recognize what we have. We always want to have more. But this isn't the case with the homies in this picture. You can see that they got some type of award and that is mostlikely the first time they've been awared. I'm sure that's the most glad they've ever been. So the next time we want more we should just be glad for what we have.
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Owen Brennan

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