CU 1010 AKA Get Your Life 101

So what exactly is CU 1010?

CU 1010 is a two-credit, graded course designed to help students who are experiencing academic difficulty develop the skills, strategies and mindset required for success. We do not endeavor to define what "success" means for our students; rather, we expose them to a variety of resources and opportunities that allow them to experiment on what works best for them and craft their own definition in the process.

Who can take CU 1010?

Absolutely anyone. No we're kidding. In the words of Sweet Brown:

CU 1010 is restricted to students on academic probation. Students on probation pay a $100 academic recovery fee for every semester they are on probation. Courses like CU 1010 are supported by this funding. On occasion we will accept first-year students who exhibit severe anxiety due to their transition into college. The class is open to students, regardless of their classification. We typically have a good mix of students from all four (plus) years at Clemson.


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