new years conference A picture is worth a thousand words

The following is lots of pictures from the conference.By God's grace, we had over 50 students come from San Diego to Austin. Five of those prayed to receive Christ for the first time! Many more have committed to praying and sharing Christ with their friends! Thank you for your prayers and partnership in the gospel! Pray for many more Christ-centered leaders to be reached, built up, and sent out for Our King and His Kingdom!

Noah (third from left) UCSD student and crew on the long bus ride, making the most of it!
men's seminar - how are we to be Godly men? as one student shared "I've haven't heard a talk on this and never been taught what biblical manhood is."
Christian, Kyle, and Isaac. Kyle had the privilege of leading Isaac to Jesus this week!
students from Point Loma enjoying Texas BBQ
Ellis (in the middle) with two fraternity guys from SDSU - pray for the PIKE Frat.
San Diego crowd at the graffiti park; we love the diversity of these students and how Jesus brings them together!
Sam, Grayson, JT. Grayson is a new believer! JT is in Sam's d-group. these men are on the Triathlon team.
a picture from the rally on the last day; those standing are students who are wanting to give their lives away to others.
Berkeley (middle) with girls from UCSD and Point Loma
G'Joe speaking to all the staff at the conference. It is a joy and privilege to shape these amazing men and women from Denver, Dallas, Houston, and San Diego!
Josh and Berkeley teaching on different ways to spend time with God based on personal wiring and passions. (Sam and I commenting :) )
Students and staff from SDSU!
meanwhile our boys playing with other staff kids on New Years Eve (at 10pm!)

Hope this gave you more of a glimpse into our conference and our lives. Thank you so much for being a part of it! Please pray for the seeds of the gospel to continue to grow in the lives of these young people and to change the West Coast for Christ.

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