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Organizations continue to rapidly adopt Software as a Service (SaaS) applications to get work done. As cloud technology has become more readily available, the number of SaaS apps continues to grow and become integral to our everyday lives. In fact, recent studies show workers use between 10 to 16 SaaS apps daily. From Salesforce and ADP, to OnBoard, and hundreds more, a growing volume of our work takes place on the cloud.

Yet, managing these applications individually has become a nightmare with glaring security holes. It has become a challenge for administrators to manage accounts and access rights, and for the users to remember each and every variation of their passwords.

That’s why OnSemble now offers the easiest way ever to single sign-on into your favorite SaaS applications. By leveraging the powerful Microsoft Azure SSO technology, single sign-on offers the pure convenience of never forgetting your credentials, it makes employee onboarding simpler, and bolsters security. Single Sign-on extends your on-premises Active Directory login into the cloud, allowing you to use one credential to not only sign in to your computer and OnSemble, but also all of the web and SaaS applications needed for your job.

Pure Convenience

How often have you sat bewildered, desperately trying to recall your password. The service keeps advising that your credentials are incorrect – sorry you cannot access your account. Perhaps they’ll politely send you an email to just reset the whole thing.

This is a frustrating waste of time and a tax on your mental bandwidth. When every minute counts and you just need to get work done, single sign-on will abolish the stress and ensure you have immediate access to every online service you need. With just one click, you’re in. You’ll never find yourself resetting an account in frustration again.

From Anywhere In Your Portal

Single Sign-on can be implemented across any page in your portal to streamline your workflows. You can simply plugin the most useful apps for any given workgroup, department, or team into their existing page. Make accessing ADP payroll a one-click breeze right from the Human Resources home page; provide Marketing instant access to Office 365; Experian is one simple click away for your Lending Department.

Security In The Cloud

We all have to keep track of countless passwords, Google, ADP, Office 365, Kronos, Saleforce, the list goes on. When faced with so many different accounts, we fall back on less-secure methods to recall them. We’ll use the same password for every account and bear the consequences when just one provider is hacked. Or we jot down the passwords and leave them harmlessly on our desks.

Single Sign-on halts this unhappy cycle. The same credential you utilize to access your computer provisions your access to all the apps you need to work. There’s no need to repeat the same password or write them down. What’s more, this security is robust:

  • Authenticated access: Only authenticated connections can access your network.
  • Conditional access: Apply richer policy controls before connections to your network are established.
  • All access is outbound: You don't need to open inbound connections to the corporate network.
  • Security analytics and machine language-based intelligence: Get cutting-edge security protection.
  • Remote access as a service: You don’t have to worry about maintaining and patching on-premises servers.

Managing Accounts is a Breeze

When a new employee arrives or one leaves, traditionally every one of their accounts must be individually provisioned or de-provisioned. This is a time-sink and can leave your organization vulnerable to ‘ghost’ users with access to accounts they should no longer be provisioned for.

With single sign-on, setting up new users and managing the accounts of former employees is made simple. Just as it’s simple in OnSemble to create and remove users based on their status, the same intuitive provisioning occurs with single sign-on. It will save you time, remove the stress of managing thousands of SaaS accounts, and keep your organization secure.

Imagine Your Favorite Application Here.

2500+ Apps.

The Microsoft Marketplace has 2500+ app integrations, and not just the most popular like ADP, Office 365, and Kronos, but hundreds of smaller, more niche, services. You can see the whole catalogue of single sign-on apps here.

And if it's missing, Passageways is here to help. Through our consulting services we'll work with you to identify the product and get in touch with the vendor to create single sign-on access.

Let's Get Started

Free For Every OnSemble Enterprise Edition

Every OnSemble enterprise customers will get single sign-on at no additional charge. Just the amazing convenience of never worrying about a password again.

OnSemble Enterprise Edition is super easy to set-up, and includes dozens of additional apps and connections.

Not on OnSemble Enterprise Edition?

If you're not on OnSemble Enterprise or just aren't sure, you can still get Single Sign-On. It's simple and easy to deploy across your organization.

Ready to increase productivity, to make employee onboarding simpler, and to bolster your online security? Contact your Customer Success Manager today to get single sign-on access for OnSemble!

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