Catching Caulfield Brianna FAllon Period 2

Unwell by Matchbox20

This song, as a whole, relates to Holden in many aspects. Holden is a ‘troubled’ kid in which he comes across bumps in his path. As the book begins, Holden immediately has his “camel hair coat” (4) stolen, leaving him cold. In addition, Holden had been “quite a heavy smoker” (5) which did his health no good. Continuing, Holden talks about fighting depression thought the book. In relation to the song, Holden is feeling like he is “headed for a breakdown” exclaiming he is “just a little unwell” and needs to work on himself. Although there is not much directness, the idea of the song, not being well, fits perfectly with Holden as shown in the kick start of the book and throughout.

Young Forever by Jay-Z

This song would not only connect directly to Holden but the entire scene at the night club till he stopped dancing with the blonde. As the song is about “[wanting to] be forever young” and constantly questioning if “you really want to live forever” which is exactly what Holden does. While at the nightclub, Holden attempt to order an alcoholic beverage, in which the waiter declines because he can not prove his age, Holden tries to convince the waiter to “stick a little rum in" (70) his coke until he gives up. This is showing Holden wanting to be an adult yet he immediately turns to his child self knowing he is “a goddam minor” (70). This shows that Holden is not capable to do adult things just yet. In addition, this song will flow perfectly while Holden is dancing because it shows the irony of the situation. He dances with an older girl knowing he does not want to lose his innocent as a kid, while still wanting to be an adult.

I don't want to miss a thing by Aerosmith

As the chapter begins, Holden narrates the relationship he had with Jane Gallagher. He finds himself in the hotel and he begins to think about his friend Jane, illustrating the moments they have shared as friends and more than friends. Many of these moments relate to how they were connected after being neighbors. This song captures the feeling of flashbacks through lines like “I could spend my life in this sweet surrender” and “I could stay lost in this moment forever”. This song is mostly about the past emotions that linger in a person making them remember unforgettable moments. Throughout chapter 11 (76-80), Holden reminisces the sweet memories between Jane and his’ past, making it a perfect fit for this scene.

Chasing CArs by Snow Patrol

As Holden is with Sally, he has an Idea to run off with her. Talking about running away with a loved one, “just [forgetting] the world” Holden wants to run off with Sally, who being realistic know they are “both practically children” (132) are not able to fully live alone. In the spur of the moment, this song relates to Holden's thoughts about wanting to leave no matter what is going to happen, even is it a ‘wild’ idea. This song would be played just before Holden gives his proposal and slowly die off as the chapter comes to an end. This song would add the needed momentum to the scene. Momentum is needed to show the argument while still understanding both Holden and Sallys side of the proposal.

Awake my soul by Mumford and sons

Holden had been deeply affected by his brother Allies death, and many of his actions throughout the story show that he is unable to cope with his grief. To avoid further pain, Holden creates mental barriers which cause him to distance himself from many aspects of the world and his surroundings. “My heart stumbles on things I don’t know” and “my weaknesses I must finally show” refer to Holden’s troubled and imperfect notions of the world his need for consolation. These lyrics are perfect for Holden’s spontaneous breakdown in Phoebe’s room, where he releases his pent up emotions (171). “Where you invest your love, you invest your life” explains Holden’s continual depression after Allie’s death, as it shows the strength of his bond with Allie and the pain caused. As the story comes to an end, Holden slowly begins to learn how to cherish the past but not be bothered by it.

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