PRUNUS SERRULATA Emma Redfield, Natali Shachar, Alfonso Hernandez, and Naba Malik

ZOOM Student Film Festival

inspiration: the Cherry Blossom

Prunus serrulata, simply known as the "cherry blossom", is said to have originated in the Himalayas (where Everest, the highest point on Earth, is located). They exist in the Northern Hemisphere's temperate zone, remaining grounded and centred as they grow. The metaphorical and literal "blossoming" of an individual resembles that of a cherry blossom, peaking in their highest potential and creative capability. Though the bloom may successfully thrive at the peak of its youth, the bloom must eventually fall from its tree, unbeknownst to what may come as a result.

production roles

  • Written and Directed by Natali Shachar
  • Cinematography and Production by Emma Redfield
  • Editing by Alfonso Hernandez

Creative criteria

  • LINE OF DIALOGUE: "Is this thing real?"
  • NUMBER: Four
  • LOCATION: Kensington Market
  • PROP / OBJECT: Ink Quill


An Abstract Film

A young individual makes their way through Toronto's Kensington Market, subsequently writing the poem (that can be heard aloud through a voiceover) with an ink quill. The representation of the location's diversity mirrors the personal development of the individual themselves, experiencing and exploring the constant state of flux around them (both internally and externally); the character is intrigued by their own existence and the existence of the physical world. In contrast with the poem, the protagonist goes about their everyday life in the market (and the areas that surround it) with an air of grace and connectivity. In conclusion, the character begins to understand their purpose, even though they may be afraid that they have strayed too far from the familiarity and comfort they once knew.

Mood Board: kensington market


Created with images by jbcurio - "Newish Kensington Market Mural" • jans canon - "cherry blossom" • 53Kevin - "5896147074667106594" • 53Kevin - "5896141783538229794" • 53Kevin - "5896163056228577426" • ruffin_ready - "Kensington Market, Toronto (HDR)" • PETERVALADOR - "clothing boutique kensington market storefront" • UnTapping The World - "Toronto's Kensington Market"

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