A silent May by Seamus Geoghegan

A stroll around San Francisco's Outer Sunset and Parkside neighborhoods gives a glimpse into nature in a life of lock-down.

A pink Fuchsia flower hangs over an Outer Sunset front garden. Flaming Katy flowers bush out of a wire fence.
Shirofugen Cherry Blossoms hang over the sidewalk of Wawona Street.
A White Pekin duck sits on a log in Pine Lake.
Flowers are tied to a park bench commemorating Natasha M. L. Holmes. White Calla Lilies line fencing.
Needles of a Pine tree poke out into the landscape of Stern Grove's Dog Park.
A singular Blue Periwinkle grows among varying grasses besides a footpath.
Leaves of a Flowering Plum Tree reflect a Thursday evening's light. Pine cones stick to an overhead branch.
Roses climb a grey picket fence. Yellow Yarrow flowers framed between the same picket fence.
Hearts zip-tied to the fence of South Sunset's turf field thank those on the front lines of the Covid-19 outbreak.


Seamus Geoghegan