Number The Stars BookDiary by cameron keck


War is scary people could get shot for nothing. Dads could die in the line of duty. the kids seeing parents running.


Friends and people that have your back. People that you care adout people that other don't

If they were in my neighborhood i have a nerf gun with all my friends or airsoft and run.

Literary Analysis

Mama says, ¨Be one of many.¨ I think this means that the soldiers will come get them when they need to move them away. If the soldiers want to get them they know were to look. She doesn´t want them to get hurt.

Annemarie was thinking of protecting the Jews she tried to make a choice. she made her choice. Her choice was to protect the Jews. She is the one to help Ellen no matter what.

To give them food,a home,some shelter, some, warmth. help them get away from the Germans. they need the money ton


that Annemarie dad is in the casket so that they can go to sweden with ellen


man vs man

the germans stop Annemarie in her tracks. Ellen wouldn't move she was motionless. Kirsti was in a pout that the older girls left her. The two soldiers glaring at her Annemarie was scared very scared two soldiers meant to rifles. The soldier asked "why are you running." Annemarie said "I was racing my friend." When Annemarie got home their mother told them to walk a different way to school tomorrow.

man vs nature

Ellen's mom got sea sick when they were hiding on the boat. Henrik told Annemarie that when she asked about what happened on the boat. when they took Ellen to a safe place Henrik told Annemarie that she was going to a safe place.

man vs self

Annemarie mom told her if she got stopped to act like a silly little girl. Annemarie got stop trying to give uncle Henrik a package. She doesn't know what it is. There the dogs were sniffing at the basket and the soldiers looked through it.

man vs society

Annemarie's dad told her about the resistance. the resistance stopped German supplies and sub factorys from building. peter is in the resistance to help Denmark from getting taken over.



Annemarie was bold, bold means to be brave and heroic .

vocabulary words

lanky and stocky

¨ She was a stocky ten-year-old, unlike lanky Annemarie.¨ (page 1)

Based on the sentence, these word are comparing the girls . It is describing their physical features, which are opposite because it uses the word ¨unlike.¨

lanky means tall and skinny. Stocky means big and bulky.

suffix -y, relating to or filled with; Other words: messy





bold or refuses to obey.






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