Let's get this Banana Bread yummy banana bread great for the holidays

By Alina Yu

It's the holiday season! That means lights strung on homes, shopping for gifts to the family, and spending time watching movies and enjoying time with your loved ones. For me, the holidays mean...FOOD!

What I love about the holidays is the range and variety of food items to choose from. But when it comes for some comfort food that envelops you in the holiday spirit, I got to my favorite recipe: banana bread. And this banana bread is not just the standard yellow fruit mashed up into a delicious loaf of warm goodness. I add a secret ingredient, one from a yummy cocoa bean.

You guessed it. I add CHOCOLATE! But you don't need to just add chocolate. I like to add nuts in as well, a go-to nut being pecans. The great thing about baking and cooking is that you can be creative! Add what you want into the mix! Peanuts, almonds, coconut. White, dark, or caramel chocolate! Anything! It's your holiday bread and time to get festive!

When baking the banana bread, I always like to make sure the inside is nice and warm and done after I take it out of the banana bread. This recipe calls for 50 minutes in the oven, but feel free to leave it in your oven to toast it up to that soft dewy middle. And serve when warm for a slice that will fill you right up! Happy baking!

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