Katherine Dunham The dancer / artist

Obstacles faced: 1.) lost her mother at a early age. 2.) she was only allowed to sing gospel songs when she was little 3.)home was dismal 4.) fought segregation 5.) she aged painfully

Personal qualities: 1.) good dancer 2.) good artist 3.) choreographer 4.) anthropologist 5.) educator 6.) social activist 7.) good in performing arts

Significant contribution: 1.) changed dancing 2.) she founded a art program 3.) fought segregation 4.) one black dancers 5.) she started a dance company

Time line- 1.) June 22 , 1909 born in Glen Ellyn 2.) 1928 study ballet with ludmilla speranzeva. 3.) 1930 formed a dance company ballet negre. 4.) 1935 received a grant from Julius rosenwald. 5.) 1940 Dunham colaberated George Balanchine. 6.) 1945 choreographed and performed in shango. 7.) 1970 Dunham took children from east st.louis to Washington D.C. 8.) 1980 received the national dance week award. 9.) 2004 a conversation with kathrine Dunham is president at Barnard college in NYC. 10.) may 21 2006 died

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