The absolutely true diary of a part time Brian By brian


My dog, her name is Nala. She's small and brown but she does not frown. She's happy not sad because that would be bad. She's small not big, at least she's not a pig. She's my dog, her name is nala.


Fishy was my fish. That's what everybody thought, “he's just a fish” that's what you would think. But it's not true he was more than a fish. He was my friend, so I spent time with my fish. He was a really nice fish, he looked like a pot of gold, because he was a goldfish. The way he maneuvered through the water, moving those gils it was beautiful, he was such a magnificent creature. He was such an amazing pet to have, he was also my first pet. But he wouldn't be the only thing on my mind for ever. The summer of 2011 my cousins family came over from Georgia. I loved hanging out with my cousin, we would go play soccer or basketball. It was super fun, so yes I loved my fish but I also liked my cousin. So that day in the summer I awaited for my cousins arrival. They would come in car so it was going to take a while but I was eager to see them again. So there I was waiting at the window to see when they arrived. I had made so many plans on what we were going to do. At this point fishy was a ghost. He was completely non-existent to me, I had nothing in my mind besides when my cousin would finally come. I had been focusing on the window for far too long, but I still sat there anyways, finally at about 3 in the afternoon I saw their car pull up. I waited to see who was in the car, my uncle, my aunt, and my cousin. Kevin, I was so happy to see him. I ran out the door yelling “Kevin, Kevin.” He was older than me, so he probably thought I was being an idiot. And looking back on it I definitely was. After they unpacked all their luggage they went inside. We sat their for a while just talking asking questions like how was the drive. After they were done talking they went into the room that we left for them. But I told Kevin to come into my room. We went in and watched TV. It was actually really boring until he noticed Fishy. Which was sort of exciting because I thought I was the only one that actually thought that Fishy was cool. He started asking me questions, “what's his name”, “Where'd you get him” I don't know I said my dad just brought him home one day. Anyways it was about that time to feed the fish, I was going to do it but Kevin volunteered to i didn't mind letting him. I watched as he did it. Making sure he wasn't going to over feed him, which he didn't. After that was done I asked him if he wanted to go to the park. He quickly agreed and we left. We went for half an hour and then quickly returned home. I went into the bathroom because i was dying to use the toilet. As I came out I realized something sort of suspect. Kevin wasn't in the living room. I went in my room and he wasn't there but Fishy was and all of his food was still there to. I went around looking to see where my cousin had gone, and he was in the kitchen, I told him that Fishy hadn't eaten his food. He stood there shocked, then he said I know what to do. He ran upstairs grabbed the fish food and began dropping more food. My mom had warned me over feeding would lead to Fishys death. “Kevin, what are you doing” “He Doesn’t have enough food” he said.

“MOVE” I yelled. And he got out of the way. I looked in the bowl, the whole surface of the water was covered in fish flakes. “Why Kevin” I said. “Don't worry” he replied. But I was worrying this was surely going to end terribly. Fishy didn't eat the food so I figured when he got around to eating it he would be hungry and all the food would be perfectly sufficient. We went to the living room to watch the weekly wrestling. After 1 hour I went to room and I saw Fishy had finished his food and was swimming. So I returned to the living room and we continued watching wrestling. After it was over we ate a little snack and I went back into my room. I went in and saw the worst thing you could ever imagine. A purple fish. My fish was golden, my pot of gold had suddenly turned into a pot of expired chocolate. It was terrible. “Kevin” I yelled. He quickly ran into the room. He saw what I was looking at. It was shocking, he just stood there. It was his fault and he knew it was. “Dude” he whispered. I was furious, this idiot just killed my fish I thought to myself. I called my parents, they saw the fish and just sighed. They were obviously disappointed but they didn't care. They just took the bowl and went to the kitchen. I couldn't even see what they did to him. I never saw the fish again.

Holiday moment

Christmas, year 2014.

Most years my family and I go to Georgia for Christmas. It's sort of become something that isn't even up for debate, we just go. We go to a small town call Marietta. It's really nice there, we live in a house where we are surrounded by family. Our neighbors are our cousins and uncles. It just feels better to be in Georgia for the holidays. So when Christmas Eve rolled around it was time to go to my aunt's house. That is where we went every Christmas. It was always fun, my brother and I went upstairs to our cousin's room, while my parents stayed downstairs in the living with all the other grown ups. When it was dinner time everyone went downstairs and ate together. Most in the dining room but others are at the kitchen table. After dinner was done we played games. We do that every Christmas also. Play little games that can keep the old people awake. For example that year, 2014, we played a game where to had to sit on top of a balloon, with 1 person on either side of you found the same and the first person to pop the balloon won. Everything was going great with the game until it was my uncle's turn. The game would take a nasty turn. He and 2 other people got ready but as soon as he sat down he fell off the chair and landed face first onto the floor. It looked awful his nose was bleeding and everyone was pretty much about to have a heart attack. He quickly got up and went to the bathroom. Obviously the fall wasn't that bad other wise he would have been in much more pain and there probably would have been more blood. He stayed in the bathroom for about 5 minutes and when he came back everything was pretty much fine. Aside from the blood stain that was in the floor. My uncle was okay though he put something in his nose to make the bleeding stop. And we went on like it never happened. Then went it was about 2 am everyone left and we went home. The drive was short and relieving. So much stress over the past 7 hours, I just wanted to go home and sleep. I hadn't even looked at my present. It was a little small box, what was in it i did not know. I was too tired, too lazy to open it. But when I got home I would. So when we pulled up to the driveway I ran inside. I went to my room and opened my gift. A bunch of candy, what a stupid present I thought. I ate some candy that night but I fell asleep shortly after. The next morning I showed my parents my gift and they were mad. How could someone give an 11 year old a box of candy. Anyways me and my brother ate the candy and at the bottoms of the box there was a surprise. The real gift was revealed. It was money, 100 dollars. That really made me feel better. I had money to buy whatever I wanted and I had candy in my stomach. It was a great Christmas full of surprises and tragedys.

14. It's a number. Obviously it's a number but it's much more than that. It's an age, it's my age.

Being 14 allows you to do so much. It allows you to have freedom and genuinely have a say in things. When you were 10 nobody cared about what you had to say, nobody even knew you were there. You were a ghost, the words that came out of your mouth went into someone's ear but then went right out the other. Now that your 14, things you say can mean something, your ideas can actually be considered.

And you've moved on from a small school to a huge new school with new people. 14 means responsibility. You're in highschool now, more work, and less time to do it. You need to organize your time and really try to get as much done.

14 means a new you. With all these changes in front of you, you need to change. You need to put some things on hold and put other things in front. Playing with your friends, that can wait. Doing homework that comes first. At least that's what some people say.

14 means decision making you have to choose what comes first and what comes next. You're dying to play with you friends but your teacher gave you so much work. What will you do that's up to decide now because you’re 14.


Sometimes bread is good. Other times bread is bad. Some bread is more healthy than other bread. But the bread that is healthy tastes bad. You can eat bread with a lot of things. Cheese, meat, or even peanut butter. Bread is a really good food to eat.


Tomatoes are fruits. But some people think they are vegetables. I just learned it's a fruit. Also when something has seeds it's a fruit so that's why tomatoes are fruits.

Authors note

Being the author of this multi genre was very difficult. It was hard thinking of things to write about. I hope the reader realizes that these topics were not the best, but I tried to make the most of a bad situation. The encyclopedias are sort of random. But I tried to make them interesting so the reader won't literally fall asleep midway through them. I had to choose these topics because I was out of ideas and they are the best things to write about.

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