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FWISD Announces More 2021-22 Campus Principal Appointments

The Fort Worth ISD Division of Student and School Support is pleased to announce its latest principal appointments.

The following individuals were recently named campus principal or assistant principal for the 2021-2011 academic year:

  • Ryan Catala, Principal, Riverside Middle School
  • Ricardo Alvarez Uzcategui, Principal, M.H. Moore Elementary School
  • Katy Myers, Assistant Principal, M.H. Moore Elementary School
  • Carlos Mendoza, Principal, W.A. Meacham Middle School
  • Victor Alfaro, Principal, Amon Carter-Riverside High School
  • Alexandra Montes, Principal, Versia Williams Elementary School
  • Sonya Askew, Assistant Principal, Versia Williams Elementary School

These seven administrators are the latest appointed to lead Fort Worth ISD schools for the upcoming school year.

In July, the District announced the names of 42 new campus principals and assistants who will lead FWISD schools.

Classes begin 100% in-person on Monday, August 16.

FWISD Releases 2021-22 Bulletin No. 1 Update

The 2021-2022 “Bulletin No. 1: School Policies and Procedures” update is now available for viewing online.

The 130-page living document offers employees a comprehensive look at District policies, procedures and best practices, according to Superintendent Kent P. Scribner.

“This resource helps us work together to prepare ALL students for success in college, career and community leadership,” Dr. Scribner writes in the document’s opening message.

Among the topics covered are staff responsibilities prior to school opening; student attendance and records; entrance and health requirements; school year, school day and school hours; instructional details; personnel guidelines; emergency preparedness and much more.

Click here to view the Bulletin No. 1 document.

New Teacher Academy Ignites Excitement In FWISD’s New Educators

You belong here! Your work makes a difference a difference in students’ lives!

These were among the messages conveyed to for new Fort Worth ISD educators at the District’s New Teacher Academy kickoff earlier this week.

An estimated 400 new educators participated in the half-day kickoff event hosted at the FWISD Teaching and Learning Center on Monday, August 2. Over the course of five days, first-year teachers and educators new to FWISD will have participated in principal-directed activities on their campuses, joined sessions with other District educators in their content area at one of four FWISD facilities and received instruction in educational technology and classroom management.

“I am super excited to get started. I’ve been posting [about] this on Facebook for the last month,” said Julian Rodriguez, new choir director at Kirkpatrick Middle School. “I’m really excited to get to know the students. I love getting to know this grade level, 6-8.

“My mantra as far as this grade level is they’re still young to have fun, but they’re old enough to understand the intricacies of their education. And so, I’m really excited to get to know these kids and impact them in the way that I was impacted by my middle school choir directors and my high school directors. I really hope to make that lasting impact on them.”

The New Teacher Academy week kicked off with an introduction to the District’s leadership chiefs.

Each chief gave an overview of the departments they’re responsible for. They shared stories of when they first started out as an educator and the teachers they connected with and those who made a lasting impact on their lives. They encouraged the new teachers to seek to do the same for students here in Fort Worth ISD.

“Kids don’t care about the content that you’re teaching until they have a connection with you,” Superintendent Kent Scribner told the new teachers. “For many of them, you are going to be the most meaningful, the most supportive, most valuable adult during the day that they’re going to see.”

Returning to 100% in-person instruction after a challenging 17 months, Dr. Scribner called the timing of the new educators “impeccable.” He encouraged the new teachers to be resourceful and ask for help when needed. The superintendent admonished them to invest in student success, reinforce social and emotional support for students and be explicitly clear in communicating to students their teaching standards and goals.

“We’re looking forward to really investing time and dollars in catching students up,” he said. “We’re not interested in remediating students. We can’t remediate our way out of this crisis. We have to accelerate our way out of this crisis with good solid classroom, Tier 1 instruction.”

Dr. Cherie Washington, a FWISD Student and School Support chief, in remarks that welcomed the new educators to the District, shared a personal story about a student she positively impacted and why the role of teachers is so important.

“You make the most difference in the academic lives of our students. That’s why we’re excited to see you here, because it’s the work that you do that changes the lives of our children,” she said. “There’s a student that you’re going to touch this year that you won’t even realize that you’re going to change his or her trajectory. That’s why it’s so important that you’re here.”

Several new FWISD educators expressed excitement about getting to work, sharing their love of education with students and making an impact.

Lindsey Nobile, who is joining the District as a Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD) teacher at H.V. Helbing Elementary School, said that she’s been welcomed by a principal and teacher mentor who have her “best interest at heart,” and that makes her excited about getting to work and meeting her students.

“I’m ready to get with my kids and teach them that even though they’re special education [students], they’re no different than anybody else,” she said. “They’re just as smart, they’re just as important and they’re going to be just as successful.”

The New Teacher Academy concludes Friday, August 6. FWISD returns to 100% in-person instruction on Monday, August 16.

Rediscover FWISD: Get to Know FWISD's Leadership Chiefs

Editor's Note: In efforts to Rediscover FWISD, Inside FWISD will introduce or re-introduce District staff to Fort Worth ISD leaders and departments over multiple newsletter editions. This week, get to know the FWISD Leadership team.

Pictured from top left is Dr. Kent Scribner; Dolores Chapa; Karen Molinar; Mike Ball; Sherry Breed; Jerry Moore; Dr. Cherie Washington; Dr. Raul Peña; David Saenz; Dr. David Saenz; Marlon Shears; Barbara Griffith, Vicki Burris; Cynthia Rincón. Not pictured are Aaron Muños (chief internal auditor) and Ann Foster (administrative assistant).

District Establishes Geofence In Kronos Mobile App To Fortify Time Capture Process

Editor's Note: The following memorandum from the FWISD Business Intelligence Department outlines a modification to the Kronos Mobile App and options for recording time (clock in/out). If you have questions about this communication, please contact the Business Intelligence Department at 817-814-2270. 

Photo of the Week

With over 200 families in attendance - the Division of Equity and Excellence, with help from the Family and Community Outreach and Marketing Department - hosted its first "Wildcat, Welcome Back" Registration and Resource Fair on Saturday, July 31 at Dunbar High School. View more event photos here.

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