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While progress has been made over the past decade regarding minority student enrollment in college, there remains a need to continually strive for educational access and equality for students. Historically Black Colleges and Universities prepare thousands of students for post-baccalaureate success each year.

There is a need to connect top tier institutions with competitive applicants who are eager to conduct research and add to the body of knowledge in their chosen fields of study. The paramount issue for many qualified HBCU students is funding for attending graduate school, which includes securing resources for tuition and living expenses.

The Graduate Feeder Scholars Program (GFSP) in the School of Graduate Studies and Research is an official partnership agreement arranged by FAMU with more than 40 participating universities located throughout the United States. The GFSP affords FAMU students the opportunity to receive advanced study in graduate programs not available at FAMU. The feeder arrangement was conceptualized and created in response to the national need to increase the number of African Americans participating in advanced graduate education. The GFSP was designed with FAMU as the lead university in this consortium. As the lead institution, FAMU acts as the hub of the consortium with a committed role of providing a pool of qualified underrepresented minorities motivated to pursue the Master's or Doctoral degrees.

Carissa Robinson- Accepted to Clark Atlanta, Clemson and Florida A&M Universities' MBA programs.

Currently, there are 945 Graduate Feeder Scholars at Florida A&M University. The Inducted Graduate Feeder Scholars have a 3.40 average GPA

A student pipeline operation has been formed, piloted and successfully implemented over a 30 -year period to the benefit of hundreds of students at Florida A&M University. Replication of the best practices of a student pipeline is in the best interest of all students with potential, and promises to produce extraordinary results.

A new Feeder Scholar with Williana Magloire- Florida International University, Victoria Moore- American University and Ronald Davis- University of California Riverside

The annual Graduate Feeder Conference attracts top institutions from around the country. From left to right are partners from Oregon State, Florida State, Purdue and Tennessee - Graduate Feeder Conference, September 2016
Sophomore Brooklyn Gill addresses partner institutions in the Meek Eaton Black Archives at the 2017 Conference Luncheon
Graduate Feeder Scholars Jamie Hamilton and Anastasia Tamali
Attending fully funded Fall 2017: Jamie Hamilton, Emory University, Phd. Kendall Parker, University of Florida, Ph.D., Jared Grant, University of Georgia, MS

The Graduate Feeder Scholars Program:

- Equips students with information on graduate programs through professional development, graduate school consulting and communication,

- Establishes partnerships with institutions committed to funding the graduate education of HBCU students

Coordinates campus visits for prospective graduate students -Purdue University, March 2017
- Connects students with institutions, and advocate for application fee waivers,

- Secures summer research and study abroad experiences for HBCU undergraduates.

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Graduate Feeder Scholars Program Conference 2016

- Secures funding packages for qualified HBCU students,

- Tracks student progress for three to five years after graduation.

To discuss the Graduate Feeder Scholars Program contact:

Terrance McNeil at Florida A&M University at terrance.mcneil@famu.edu or 850.294.0071


Visit www.famu.edu/graduatestudies


Photos; Bryan Anderson, Terrance McNeil and Florida A&M University

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