Quarter 4 Book Project By: Amelia Osborn

For my fourth quarter Book Project I read the novel "Across the Universe" by Beth Revis. The book is about a girl named Amy. Amy and her parents are cryogenically frozen as well as some other passengers aboard a gigantic spaceship called Godspeed. Godspeed had a course set for Centauri Earth, Centauri Earth was 300 light years away from Earth. Amy had to choose whether or not to go on Godspeed with her parents who were necessary for the mission and leave her life behind or stay with her aunt and uncle. Amy chose to go with her parents, but something unexpected happens. Fifty years before they were supposed to be reanimated and land on Centauri Earth, Amy wakes up. Someone went into the Cyro level of the ship, whoever they are, they woke her up and attempted to murder her. Nobody on the ship knew who it was or why they did it. Luckily other people of the ship Godspeed found Amy before she drowned in her cyro tank. Amy had to adapt to life aboard the ship and soon found out that she would never be able to see her parents again for over 50 years.

Across the Universe Book Cover

On the ship Amy learned that the ship was divided into levels. On each level lived people who were born on the ship, they were there to take care and make sure that the ship continues on its course. Amy met the two leaders of the ship Eldest and Elder. She also met the doctor, doc and Elders best friend, Harley. Godspeed's Supreme leader was Eldest, he was around 60 years old. The "leader in training", Elder followed in Eldest's footsteps to learn everything about the ship.

Amy quickly becomes friends with Harley and Elder. Other people of the ship didn't know how to react to a new person on the ship, most people aboard the ship did not even know that there were people cryogenically frozen under the ship. Just as Amy started to settle in to the ship, the mystery murderer struck again. The unknown murderer unplugged another cyro tank, but when Elder found it, it was too late. The murderer continued to strike again and again, some passengers on the cyro level died, but others were able to be plugged back into the tank. I highly recommend for anyone to read this book. This book has an interesting plot and you wouldnt want to stop reading it. I recommend that anyone who likes adventurous and mysterious novels to look at the novel Across The Universe, by Beth Revis. I would suggest to read this book so that you can find out what happens to Amy and all of the other people aboard the ship. Does Godspeed ever land on Centauri Earth? Does the murderer continue to strike? Find out by reading the incredible novel "Across the Universe" by Beth Revis.


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