Dominican Republic 1965

Juan Bosch's presidential victory in December 1962 sparked a local commercial-military alarm at his assumed Pro-communism, and the new constitution of April 1963.

On September 1, 1963 a military group installed a Tirumvirate which was going to be led by Gen. Donald Reid Carbal with US support.

The replacement of Bosch's elected government prompted military officers to rally. In late 1964 in Rio Piedras Pact, they commited to restore the constitutional President.

The rebellion against the military started off small, but military professionals in the leadership refused to engage the rebels.

When the introduction of a temporary President broke up by junta-inspired air raids, the people were angry. The US feared a communist Cuban-style take over and they landed Marines on the island on April 28 1965

President Lyndon B. Johnson wanted to stall what he thought was eventually going to become a "communist dictatorship" and decided to send more than 22,000 troops onto the island to restore order

People in the Dominican Republic feel the United States deprived them of self-determination and did not see the United States as a liberator but instead as an oppressor

The United States was terrified of the Dominican Republic being another Cuba

The current type of government in the Dominican Republic is a Democratic Republic. Which is the one that replaced Juan Bosch's government. The current president is President Danilo Medina so the US succeeded at containing communisum

The United States invading the Dominican Republic did not increase or decrease tension between the other two big super powers at that time

This event was a Cold War hot spot because communisum was almost able to spread but the United States was able to contain it

Dominican Republic Map


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