Spring 2017 Semester Schedule

Weekly Planner & To Do List

The picture to the far left shows a to do list that I put together to make sure that I am completing all assignments that are due. The other two pictures show weekly layouts with reminders and assignments due throughout the week.

Outlined Weekly Schedule

Self-Observation Daily Breakdowns

(3 Day Experiment)

Day #1- Tuesday, March 28th

Day #2- Wednesday, March 29th

Day #3- Thursday, March 30th


It was interesting to see that I prioritized a lot of important things in my schedule that were not directly urgent. Hopefully that is a good sign that I am scheduling all of my school work ahead of time and not completing assignments at the last minute. Looking at my time observation study, it appears that I followed my planned schedule more than 70% of the time. During that three day stretch, I was very strict on myself and tried to keep myself from deviating.


Day 1- Tuesday, March 28th

On the first day of the experiment, I followed my scheduled plan with the exception of a couple of deviations. I woke up at 5:30 AM as planned and I think that got my day started off on the right track. Both of my classes went as planned and there was nothing that came up during class that would change my schedule for the rest of the day. After class, my schedule did change a little bit because I was planning on reviewing some notes from my statistics class, but I ended up taking a break for almost an hour. I think that it is important to take short breaks and read a couple of articles and watch a couple of videos on YouTube to keep yourself from burning out throughout the day. Since I completed all of my assignments for the day and I decided to go get lunch with my friend Ben. After getting lunch, I went home and I followed my planned schedule for the remainder of the day. The only deviation for the rest of the day was that I planned to get to bed earlier than 11:45 PM. I went to bed a little later because it was a really busy day and it took me a little longer to wind down and get to sleep.

Day 2- Wednesday, March 29th

On the second day of the experiment, I overslept and woke up at 7:30 AM when I was planning to wake up at 5:30 AM. I overslept and woke up late because I failed to go to bed at an earlier time the previous night. Breakfast and getting to school went as planned and I arrived on campus with enough time to get to my bowling class on schedule. In my bowling class we had our individual tournament and I won my first game to advance to the next round of the tournament. After my first class, I found a spot at the library and I started to work on my CU 1010 Portfolio. In particular, I worked on both of my self-designed exhibits and mapped out the pages for both my health study and sleep study. Before heading home, I looked over my practice notes for the POW quiz that I had to take the following morning in statistics class. After my review, I headed home and ate dinner while continuing to go over my POW practice. I am reviewing as much as possible for this POW because I really need a good grade on this quiz. My plan before bed was to watch this new show called Designated Survivor because it has become one of my favorite shows. Again, I went to bed later than planned because it took me awhile to wind down after watching my show.

Day 3- Thursday, March 30th

On the last day of my experiment, I woke up 30 minutes later than my scheduled wake up time of 5:30 AM. I had to skip cooking breakfast because of waking up later than expected. I was in a hurry out the door and I ended up grabbing a granola bar for breakfast. I really need to force myself to get to sleep earlier because it is making it harder for me to wake up at my scheduled time of 5:30 AM. Even though I woke up late, I still managed to get to school on time and attend my statistics class at 8:00 AM. I did not have my ELE 3140 class, but I did have to do some research on a future guest speaker and post a discussion post on blackboard. After completing that assignment, I ate lunch and made some much needed progress on my CU 1010 portfolio. I worked on my portfolio until about 3:30 PM and then I attended Dr. Buyer's lecture from 4:00-5:00 PM. After Dr. Buyer's lecture, I drove home and completed all the tasks that I had scheduled to do for that night. This three day stretch was very tiring and I ended up going to bed early at 10:00 PM. I did not realize how tiring it can be when you are trying to stick to a very strict schedule and accomplish everything that needs to get done each day.


Time management and organization has been one of my greatest improvements as a student this semester. Having a working planner and actually planning out my daily schedule has been very important to my success throughout this semester. Having an organized planner has allowed me to plan out all of my class assignments and has ensured that I not miss any of my important assignments. The semester schedule was also very important for me this semester because it allowed me to see all of my upcoming tests/projects and plan a study strategy for all of those upcoming assignments. The self-observation study was also very helpful because it made me actually stick to my schedule for each day and it allowed me to accomplish everything that I needed to get done. I believe that time management was my biggest weakness going into this semester. Learning how to organize a planner and schedule all of my classes has allowed me to make time management one of my greatest strengths. In the future, I plan on continuing to improve my time-management to ensure success in my classes going forward. What I learned in this class will allow me to be successful during the remainder of my time at Clemson and it will be beneficial in both my professional/family life.

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