Cyber Liability ARe you @ risk?

Does your business retain any of the following?

  • Address information (home and/or email)
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Drivers' License info
  • Tax ID's
  • Birth dates
  • Medical/health records

Does your business have employees?

Most data breaches involve an employee mistake. They can lose a mobile device, laptop or paper records, or make costly errors such as opening an unauthorized email containing malware.

Does your business use 3rd party vendors (e.g. Cloud, IT services)?

Businesses in possession of personal identifiable information may be held liable for privacy breaches caused by their vendors or other third parties. As the owner of the data you are held primarily responsible for protecting it.

Does your business accept credit card payments?

Almost 40% of all data stolen is credit card and other payment information.

Does your business allow employees &/or customers to use personal devices on your network?

Personal devices may not have the same security software and other connectivity procedures as company-provided devices. As a result, when these devices are connected to your network , there may be a higher exposure to virus or malware threats.

Does your business have an active website?

Material posted electronically may lead to copyright or trademark infringement, or defamation litigation. If the website is transactional, additional exposures include possible hacking or disruption of your business via denial of service attacks.

Does your current policy cover you for Cyber Risk?

Most Commercial General Liability policies include an exclusion for access to or disclosure of confidential or personal information and the resulting liability.

The average cyber breach cost is about $733,00

Can you afford not to have this coverage?

Follow this link to see a Video to get more information about this growing risk:

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