The Attendance Policy Why We Need a Change

Students at Liberty University, or any institution of higher education, must work through academic challenges in order to achieve their goals. This requires substantial levels of dedication, regardless of what the student is experiencing outside of the classroom.

This is my father on Monday, November 14th, 2016, the day before he passed away. This day was also a scheduled class day. I received my sixth unexcused absence from one of my classes this day and was forced to withdraw because of the absences and the workload. My professor would not assist me.

Changes to the attendance policy will strengthen the relationship between the teacher and the student both intellectually and spiritually.
These changes are extremely important because they will open doors for discipleship between students and their professors and mentors which will last far beyond the doors of the classroom and through the extent of a student's education.

Although education is extremely important, we must remember that sometimes family,


and life must come before class attendance.


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