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Imagine this:

Endless resumes to sift through…
A lobby filled with nervous applicants…
Several positions to fill… YESTERDAY
And you haven’t even had your coffee yet.

What if you could streamline your hiring process AND make better, more informed hiring decisions in LESS TIME?

What if you had all of the information you need - targeted video interviews, pictures, concise bio info, school and work experience, references, testimonials all in one place?

Wouldn't that make it easier to find that needle in a haystack?

What if there were something a little more personal? A lot more modern?

We’ve got good news. There is ...

Nxtact offers a win-win solution for Employers and Candidates navigating today's complex job market.
The traditional paper resume is fast becoming a thing of the past -- a post for 'Throwback Thursdays' -- we have replaced it with

Resume Live!

the fresh, innovative way for you to evaluate a candidate's leadership style, executive presence and “FIT” ... leading to better informed & faster hiring decisions.

Let's take a look at a couple of examples:

First, Amanda Lounsbury ...

here is Amanda's traditional written resume ...

Impressive! With a quick perusal, you can see her educational qualifications and work experience.
In her mid-twenties, Amanda is talented, motivated and accomplished. She is ready to launch as a highly effective member of the workforce.

But what about her personality, likeability, leadership presence and, frankly, the important stuff you need to know in order to make a fast, informed and correct hiring decision? Input that is not on a written resume.

Now check out how Nxtact is changing the game ...

Did you notice her concise targeted videos covering areas of interest to potential employers? The testimonial references on video? Amanda's photos and written bio? Education & Work experience? Even social media links and contact information, all in one convenient spot?

We are willing to bet that you got a really good sense of Amanda, the person.

Now, check out Isaiah Genece ... another remarkable college grad who is entering the workforce....

Here is one more example, this one is from one of our Executive Clients: Chris Griffin.

Fun Fact: Chris landed a top CEO position soon after his Resume Live! was distributed.

What did Chris have to say about Nxtact?

"An interesting impact of the video, when I joined my new organization, many people mentioned that they had seen the video. We live in an age where people immediately google us! They felt the video gave them an interesting window into their new CEO!" - Chris Griffin.


We love our clients as much as they love us!

"You and the team have done a hell of a job! The lighting, sound & editing is fantastic and makes me look/sound great, which I'm certain wasn't easy. The video segments are representative of who I am personally and professionally. Appreciate all of the tremendous work done …. This is the future of job search! Brilliant!"-- Ben Conant, Nxtact Executive client

So, why Nxtact? Let's take a quick look under the hood ...

Nxtact is the brain child of legendary Network News producer Rob Wallace...

  • Our system provides the highest quality in all areas with pinpoint content enhanced by top level media coaching
  • Our proprietary patent pending method facilitates an affordable budget.
  • We work with your HR team to make sure the interview questions are on the money.
  • Our premier team of writers and video editors using our system will turn each candidate’s presentation into a uniquely compelling story.
  • We can go anywhere! We have exclusive access to video crews, producers and editors all across the U.S. and around the world. All are experienced story tellers.
  • Resume Live! is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • We produce substantive presentations without a need for search executives or candidates having to travel out of state or out of country. You will only need to bring the finalists in for in person meetings.

Our innovative service takes much of the complexity out of the hiring process ... connecting you quickly .... efficiently ... leading to significantly more confidence that you have made the right choice.

And that is why ....


Its curtains for the traditional resume ... Resume Live! has arrived...
Nxtact: the future of job search.
Contact: Rob Wallace - Rob@nxtact.com John Ketterer - John@nxtact.com Jim Norberg - Jim @nxtact.com

We would love the opportunity to give you a free demonstration. Please feel free to reach out!

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