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Nature on Display

Blue Morpho Butterflies Eating Grapefruit

The exhibit that I spent most of my time in was the Butterfly Rainforest. I was quite shocked to see such a beautiful butterfly garden right on campus. I found that the garden very nicely displayed the flora and fauna. The garden was filled with different trees and flowers. Wherever you would look there was a constant flow of butterflies. I also found it very easy to observe these insects up close, due to the feeding plates, as shown in the images above. This was a very smart design move on the part of the exhibit directors. Although I previously knew that butterflies ate (drank) with their proboscis, for someone who never knew this exhibit was perfectly designed to allow one to figure that out. What I enjoyed the most out of this exhibit was that it was in the outdoors. I liked learning about the natural sciences under the sun and with the animals and plants.

Nature and Ethics

Cabbage White Butterfly

Before even entering the garden you are given regulations for which you must follow. I found this to be very important to help protect both the plants and butterflies. As I entered I was once again told not to touch or interfere with the butterflies. This showed a value to their lives and a moral responsibility to treat them with respect. While taking the first few steps, my friends and I were extremely careful to place our feet gently and try our best not to touch anything. It made me feel as if I was a visitor in someone else's world. While exploring further you could tell that most of the guests were being careful and really in awe of the beauty. This reinforced the idea in my mind that we are not the only beings living on this Earth. At times it is easy to get lost in our daily tasks but when put in an a natural environment you are reminded of the ethical obligation to protect our land.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Live Nature Presentation

As seen in the images above there is quite a large group of people listening to a live nature presentation. The presentation covered the basics on the different butterflies and moths that could be found in the garden. I found that the museum did a great job engaging their visitors and educating them on nature. As mentioned earlier being able to step away from our ordinary lives and appreciate the outdoors gives us insight into ourselves. It allows us to understand that as humans we live on this Earth and should enjoy it more often and keep it safe. These educational and interactive exhibits give us great insight and promotes wildlife.

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