A Low Hum.

Girl meets boy meets autonomous drone. A love story for the digital age that asks if technology brings us together or pushes us apart. A sci-fi microshort.

A PHOTOPLAY Film in association with The Gingerbread Man and Electric Lens Co.

Written and Directed by Scott Otto Anderson

Meet Mia. 21, a full time social media-lite. Chasing one million followers.

Mia's pal Keoki. 4th generation autonomous selfie drone.

Sheron. Runs a bootcamp for ex-military vets.


The teething problems with AI.

PHOTOPLAY in association with The Gingerbread Man and Electric Lens Co. presents A Low Hum

Written & Directed by Scott Otto Anderson


Elsa Cocquerel as Mia

Tai Hara as Billy


Sheron Sultan as Totally-Ripped Woman

Louis Seguier as Waiter

Ryan de Silva as A Friend

Lacey Cole as Hot Lacey

Tom Slater as Tom Slater, Himself

Produced by

Jessica Giacco

Linda Micsko

Craig Deeker

Executive Producer

Oliver Lawrance

Director of Photography

Simon Ozolins (ACS)

Production Designer

Virginia Mesiti


Simon Njoo

Costume Designer

Amelia Gebler

Sound Designer

Liam Egan

Makeup Artist

Mariel McClory


Trish Cahill

Script Developer

Nicole Dade

1st Assistant Director

Dimitri Ellerington

2nd Assistant Director

Walter Davis-Hart

Production Manager

Balint Halmagyi

Production Assistant

Balint Major

Aerial Camera


Drone Pilot

Guy Alexander

Camera/Slingshot Operator

Ewan Donnachie

VFX Director

Craig Deeker

The Gingerbread Man

Realtime CGI

Matt Hermans

Electric Lens Co.

Casting by

Danny Long

Danny Long Casting

Music Supervisor

Andrew Kotatko

Sound Recordist

Mario Pellegrini

Stills Photography

Michael Corridore

Photoplay Photography

Tim Levy


Stills Producer

Alison Lydiard

Photoplay Photography

Costume Standby

Kat Alexander

Bianca Tomchin

1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller

Ant Pawley

2nd Assistant Camera/Wrangler

Chris Whaite

Camera Hire

Southern Cross Cameras



Steve ‘Peaches’ Daley

Gaffers United


John Balbi

Nick Towel

Grip Assistant

Brendan Elder

Art Director

Anthea Hodge

Graphic Design

Brian Carlin

Standby Props

James Cox

Cake Design

Christine Powell

Storyboard Artist

Gergely Kapus


Katherine Bradshaw

Stephanie Beck

Lewis Clarke


Simon Ingersen

James Karramollaoglu

Yippee Ki Yay

Keoki Drone Concept by

Stephanie Anderson

Conrad Stetson

88-A Drone Concept by

Gergely 'GKK' Kapus

Scott Otto Anderson


Jean-Paul Burroughs

Conrad Stetson

Post Production by The Gingerbread Man

Lead Matte Painter

Mike James

Matte Painting

Kaeden James


Conrad Stetson

Billy Sartre


Jean-Paul Burroughs

Conrad 'Toto' Stetson


James Brettell

Realtime CG by Electric Lens Co.

Senior Artist

Matt Hermans

Character Rigging

Chris Breeze

Character Modelling

Colin Ware



Produced by Jim Moynihan

Performed by Spoonbill

Written by Jim Moynihan

Origin Music


"Merciful Reply" (Instrumental Demo)

produced by Tim Rogers

Performed by Jack Ladder & the Dreamlanders

Written by Tim Rogers

Barely Dressed Records/Sony

Many Thanks


Southern Cross Cameras

Kato (Unit)

DT (Unit)

Balint Halmagyi

Photoplay Photography


Lacey Cole

Suzanne Kim

Clare Delaney

Bonnie Fay

Emma Thompson

Tom Slater

Yanina Salerno

Stef ‘SS’ Smith

Aimee-Lee ‘Ax’ Curran

Jean Anderson

Joe & Mary Mesiti

Keilah Pirotelli

Ingrid Hirzel

Louise Giacomazzi

Toko Restaurant

The Horse Hotel

Centennial Parklands

Woollahra Council

Waverley Council

Victoria Lush at Simon Johnson

Andrew Kotatko

Tim Rogers

Jack Ladder & the Dreamlanders

Andre Calman

ie:Music Ltd


Jim Moynihan

Jono 'Dropbear' Chong

Nick Young

Philip Mortlock

Origin Music

Gavin Robins

Ceinwen Berry

TEDx Sydney

for enquiries please contact Photoplay Producer, Linda Micsko linda@photoplay.co






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