GENDERING CYBERSPACES Gender Issues in Video Games

This is a multimedia project for the course "Digital Culture in the Humanities," created by Jamie-Lee Santos. This project focuses on the topic of gender and video games. This project will bring light to the portrayal of gender in video games, to the effect that it has on the audience, all while making direct links to society.

Video games are embedded in gender ideologies and stereotypes through its design and playability, which are further extended to its online community.

This project will involve aspects of multimedia such as text, images, and videos. The videos play a large role in project, where a great deal of the information is going to be conveyed. The viewer is able to scroll along this page to view just the videos in a sequence, but are also given the option to click each section heading. Each section heading will direct the viewer to the specific section which contains the rest of the information, as well as the video. The project will consist of three main sections, which are an attempt to cover video games from the start of the process, to the end. The topics are as followed:

Disclaimer: Some videos contain sexual scenes and the use of inappropriate language


Created with images by superanton - "video games joy-stick games" • kaicho20 - "controller playstation hand"

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