Fire Marshal DYVNC, Sexual Lifestyle Educator & Pro Dominant of LEATHER, BDSM, KINK & SWING

Seasoned Event, Visual & Performance Freelancer

FOUNDER and Daddy of the Havso BLVXQ DYVNC

The BLVXQ Unicorn is Androsexual, Demisexual and Polysexual, a Cis Male (He, Him, His)... DET Native , NYC Flourishing • An arsonist of sadistic sensual pleasures • no current dynamics...

Bookings available for consultation and commissions!!!

Indulging in all things temperature related; Fire Play, Wax Play, Fire Cupping, Fire Flogging, Hot and Cold Stone, Electro, Knife Play, Rope Bondage, Hand-balling and lots of Impact for one on one but prefer group activities!





What Am I Doing You Ask?

Current sensual sadist playing, teaching, presenting --

  • Kink-Collective Events - resident wax, fire and impact Service Top
  • DeBauche Events - resident wax, fire and impact Service Top
  • Former Club Orgasme - resident wax, fire and impact Service Top
  • Diamond Entertainment - resident wax, fire and impact Service Top and Presenter
  • Former key holder of PendulumNYC
  • Demo Switch and Full Brother of ONYX, New York Northeast Chapter.
  • SILK NYC - Educator


*Prefrence | Great Fun | Lets do this


  • CBT & CCT – Cock Ball or Clit Tit Torture
  • Spanking / Flogging / Paddling / Caning / Whipping
  • Nipple Play or Torture
  • Objectification (furniture or apparatus)
  • Tie & Tease
  • Electro Play


  • Cigar Service & Smoking (Cigars & 420 Only)
  • Collars "for Play Only"
  • Double Domination, Dom and Dom or Dom and Domina
  • Financial Servitude with Written Negotiation
  • Forced Gay, Bi or Straight
  • Tease & Denial


  • Anal play - Fingers / Fisting / Toys
  • Bondage Rope and other Restraints
  • Edge Play, Milking and Orgasm Control
  • Fire Play and Massage, Cupping, Hot and Cold Stone
  • Knife Play, Razors and Shaving
  • Mummification and Confinement
  • Sensory Deprivation
  • Wax & Candle Play


  • Fetish Event or Club Attendance
  • Mid-Week / Week-End Stay-Overs
  • Overnight / Extended Sessions
  • Shopping Slaves
  • Take Me Out For Lunch, Dinner or Shopping
  • Travel and Trips – National / International


  • Introduction to BDSM•Kink for Newbies, Tastings
  • Introduction to Temperature Related Plays (Fire, Wax, Cupping and Stones)
  • DIY Kink (Do it Yourself kink toy making and usage)

HARD LIMITS - I will NOT engage in any scenes involving SCAT, VOMIT, RACE PLAY or SWITCHING.

Don’t see a particular desire, ask! This list is of my personal indulgence!


Breaking and Entering

  • the act of entering an enclosed property through the slightest amount of force (even pushing a limit), without authorization with intent to commit a pleasurable crime
  • Breaking with some mild to wild Impact, Mummification, Rope Bondage
  • Entering with some Ass Play (toys and/or fisting)
  • Or Fire, Wax, Cupping and Stoning

411 to 911

  • Informal but starting - information or knowledge, usually about an event or activity and acquired by oral communication
  • often preceded by the Informal but ending
  • Includes some mild to wild Impact, Bondage, Torture and then Rest In Peace

Research Analysis

  • diligent and systematic inquiry or investigation into a subject(s) in order to discover or revise facts, theories, applications
  • A tasters delight of my choice and yours
  • I pick out the items, you choose the (7) pieces for the study
  • You write the analysis, I prepare your next course of action(s)

Duality (requires (1) one 2.25Hr session)

  • the state or quality of being two or in two parts; dichotomy
  • You pick either 2-4-1 sub session Dom choice of play or 2n1 personal session You pick the first half of play and Dom chooses the other

Apocalypse (requires (7) seven 45min sessions)

  • Apocalypse is the rendering of a series of events.
  • Apocalypse can be used technically applied to a particular Biblical prophecy. Apocalyptic verses in Dom’s word are viewed as foretelling events that MUST come to pass, and thus cannot be affected by the choices made by subs.
  • A tasters buffet by choice of the Dom over a series of sessions
  • Dom fuses the course the sub will limitlessly partake from mild to wild over the coarse of 7 separate hourly sessions

Armageddon (requires (2) two Doms, 2.25Hr session minimum) (COMING SOON)

  • that the purpose of this gathering of kings in the "place called Armageddon" is "for the war of the great day of God, the Almighty"
  • According to the Book of Revelation in the New Testament of the Bible, Armageddon is the prophesied location of a gathering of armies for a battle during the end times, variously interpreted as either a literal or a symbolic location. The term is also used in a generic sense to refer to any end of the world scenario.
  • A strenuous delight of choices in three parts yours, Mine and another Dom’s

Phoenix Rising (only available after prior session and approval) (COMING SOON)

  • Emerge as new from something that has been destroyed, supposedly rose from the ashes of its funeral pyre with renewed embodiment.
  • A strenuous delight of choices in an (4) four or (8) eight hour session of mixed interaction from destruction to glory.
  • Scenes are mildly discussed to get a true feel


I operate under the RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) principles and work with the Yellow & Red safe words.

YELLOW means that you’re enjoying it but you’re getting close to your limit.

RED means stop, check in or do something else. You may also provide feedback and suggestions when asked during our scene, for me to decide on the next course of action.


  • I have always been intrigued by fire. I enjoyed pit fires, barnyard fires, fireplace fires, roasting marshmallows, and franks, etc.
  • So, when I heard that there was going to be a Fireplay Demonstration at an event nearby, I was totally inclined to go. At the event, I enjoyed the BDSM scenes, but I was quite captivated by the Fireplay of @Firemarshalblvsq the most. I stood and watched it as long as it continued.
  • I saw a session where he and @Sir_Marvelous alternated Fireplay and Massaging two female subs. It was captivating. The girls were comfortable, relaxed, and enjoying their treatment. I am definitely going to have to learn more about this technique and I look forward to seeing you in action Live, Again.
IG's @Gianna4You555

Bobby is exceptional in every task that he sets out to do. He is straightforward so you nevet have to guess what is taking place, how it will be completed and when it will ve delivered. From the simplest to the most complicated of scenarios, Bobby will not only execute, but go above and beyond every time. He is pure joy to be around due to his calm demeanor. He is talented and skilled in many areas. I am always pleasantly surprised. He has a heart of gold and leaves no task undone.

IG's @TonyaCanady

In the small amount of time I have known you, you have been an amazing and supportive friend. I have seen you bring out the best in your friends and I look up to how you want to cater to their success. You recognize talent people posses in this community and you are support and drive them to succeed. I’m grateful that we crossed paths and can’t wait to see what bigger and greater things we will bring to this community.

IG's @Hunnee516

I am honored to be given The opportunity to have fire massage with Fire Marshal. It was such a tantalizing experience. Fire has a really dope setup for his massages and he’s very organized. Once I laid on the table the games begin. My fire experience was incredible first it was warm then it got hot, and the were moments he just blew on me in different angles and it was all I needed to get me in my sub space. He moved with the same quickness of his fire playing with my senses in a breathtaking way. He than began to flogged me while my body was still completely trembling. Once my massage was over I felt like I was walking on Air. This is definitely one of the best scenes I have ever had and it all thanks to the Fire Marshal.

-Sayuri Banks


To identify and define the safety, form and finesse in fire and heat based kinky play.

Comparing multiple techniques to illustrate a basic flow in hopes that you develop a signature of your own -- this course is completely hands on for both parties and we will discuss its introduction from mild to wild.


We have heard the cry for in-depth teaching and wish to provide a solid foundation for further exploration with in this kink form.

We predict each class will apply ease for all auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners interested in such kink, enabling you grounds of empowerment.


Lastly, we included snacks and beverages throughout the course. We will be in a secure and private venue in the cities downtown area for total convince. this course provides and includes all materials needed for both parties and a small number of like minded folkx to network. You will be able to indulge at ones leisure with said skills -- eagerly, confidently and safely.

In all, this will be an informative, intuitive and fun, with other classes to follow per your choosing.


  • Course designed and taught by The Fire Marshal NYC
  • Course is (1)one full day • entirely “hands on” based
  • Heated: 101 includes Safety • Instruments • Implementation • Flow
  • Link to TRAVEL SIZE KIT for Fire • Wax • Cupping (only by request and market cost)
  • Personal networking breaks • snacks & beverages
  • Mandatory formalities to partake in interactive lessons are as follows: Acknowledgement of Consent • Discretionary Protocols • Safety
  • You pick the location • Date

As class sizes are limited to 2 Couples or 4 Single Persons, reserve your spot now!!!

For full Details visit:

Following Cities registration will convene after COVID-19 subsides.

  • New York, NY - TBA
  • Newark, NJ - TBA
  • Detroit, MI - TBA
  • Dallas, TX - TBA
  • Chicago, IL - TBA
  • Oakland, CA - TBA
  • Houston, TX - TBA
  • Las Vegas, NV - TBA
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