Evaluative Thinking Doodles By Chris Lysy

Let's get your team to put on their evaluative thinking hats with the help of some fun doodle activity worksheets.

But first...what is evaluative thinking?

critical thinking applied in the context of evaluation, motivated by an attitude of inquisitiveness and a belief in the value of evidence, that involves identifying assumptions, posing thoughtful questions, pursuing deeper understanding through reflection and perspective taking, and informing decisions in preparation for action.

Jane Buckley, Thomas Archibald, Monica Hargraves, William M. Trochim

Worksheet Instructions

The following worksheets are meant to help you and your team think more deeply about your projects and those you serve. At the bottom of this page I'll provide you with a link to a free downloadable booklet version you can use to print these pages.

  1. Print out at least one single-sided copy of the five page workbook for every member of your team.
  2. Hand out the copies prior to meeting together and encourage each team member to attempt it on her own.
  3. Meet to discuss what you learned through the activities.

Worksheet 1

Oversimplifying your work.

Having your team oversimplify your work is a good way to see if you're on the same page. If team members have widely different responses this might lead to an eye-opening conversation.

Worksheet 2

Audience Assumptions

We spend a lot of time making assumptions about the people we serve. This could lead to serving an imaginary audience. Sometimes you need to give your audience a face, and that's the point of this activity.

Worksheet 3

Prioritizing Activities

Many projects set out to do a lot of different things. But what are the most important things? According to whom? [You'll need scissors for this one]

Worksheet 4

Anticipating Roadblocks

Are there certain roadblocks your team can foresee? This doodle activity might help you identify a few.

Worksheet 5

Defining Success

Having a clear picture of what success looks like can help you get there. When does your project know that it has succeeded? Is it built in a way that it can never succeed?

Download the Worksheet Booklet

These worksheets were created as an example for my online workshop found at diydatadesign.com. You can join the workshop, and learn how to create something just like this, for as little as $10/month.

If you just want to download the worksheet booklet.

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