Samuel Crompton By Hannah Heredia

Samuel was born in England. He was the son of Betty and George Crompton. He was born in England on December 3, 1783.

Samuel Crompton invented the spinning mule. He spun cotton on a spinning jenny. He went into business with his two sons. He went into business was successful for a few years until he became an unsuccessful merchant, cotton spinner, and bleacher. He then went into business with his two sons and he didn't succeed.

In 1779 Samuel Crompton invented the spinning mule. It was combined with the spinning jenny and it was powered by a water frame. The mules produced strong, fine and soft yarn.

He was too poor to apply for a patent so he sold the right to his machine. He made no money of the sales. He used money to invest in a cotton factory and it ended up in failure.

He was also known for his invention of the power loom driven by a belt. This picture was his belt driven power loom.

He married Mary Pimlott in 1780. He was depressed when she died. He became a violinist. He died in poverty on 26 June 1827 in England.


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