BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE THE FILM THAT DIVES INTO the problem that has divided americans for years

It was 14 years ago when filmmaker Michael Moore produced "Bowling for Columbine". The film was centered around the gun violence that has pestered America for years. Moore centered his film around the columbine tragedy, a school shooting that took place in April of 1999. Columbine was the deadliest school shooting at the time, and really brought the supposed gun problem to focus. The media blamed the shooting on popular culture, mental health issues, and of course, gun control. Many felt that if guns were harder to access or even taken away, the perpetrators wouldn't have been able to carry out their heinous act. The shooting was a large part of what became a society afraid of guns and anybody who owns a gun, which this film makes a focal point.

The film received a 8/10 rating for IMBD
Bowling for Columbine was predominately well received

The film features cameos from Marilyn Manson and Charlton Heston. Two celebrities that although not directly involved with the Columbine shooting were certainly made apart of it by the media through blame. Many blamed Manson's style of music and dark demeanor for inspiring the tragedy. Manson felt the acquisition was laughable, stating that he's an easy target because he dresses differently from the common man. Heston on the other hand, was a member of the National Rifles Association. He also delivered gun speeches in Denver shortly after the tragedy, which many saw as insensitive. When Moore interviewed him, he states that he stands by what he did. Although Heston had nothing to do with the shooting, his actions made him become apart of it.

Moore conducting an interview with Heston in Bowling for Columbine
IMBD was one of the websites that reviewed Bowling for Columbine

The film received largely positive reviews. It received a 8/10 rating from IMBD, with one user calling it a "very thought provoking film." It received a 96% / 100 from rotten tomatoes, and 3.5/4 rating from Roger Ebert, calling it "hilarious and sorrowful" in its presentation. The film was extremely well received and according to IMBD was a good change of pace from the typical documentary.


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