At Herbivore we only sell products we use and love. We hope you enjoy this tour through some of our personal favorites. But first! Meet the staff!

Our lovely staff! Sierra, Michelle, Krysti, Deanna, Josh, and Mercedes.

MERCEDES: Herbivore Flourish and Keep Singing Leggings. "They are super comfy! Amazing quality! And REALLY cute! They look fantastic whether you are out and about, at the gym, or just hanging out. Leggings=great, Herbivore Leggings=fricken amazing!

JOSH: Vegans Are Radical design. Our pal Matt Gauck drew up this design and it may be my all time favorite shirt we've done. I love it more than anything I've done, and I've done almost all the others! If you grew up fetishizing surf, skate, and punk culture like I did (those scenes are certainly why I'm a designer) this one is for you.

MICHELLE: Enamel pins. I wear something Herbivore every single day. If it turns out I am not in an Herbivore shirt or hoodie I put on an enamel pin - that way I'm always representing! I like how fancy the heavier enamel pin feels, too, almost like a piece of jewelry.

SIERRA: Compassion Is Invincible Slouchy Pullover. Through good times and bad, compassion is what keeps us going, and this is especially true for vegans! We want our lifestyle choices to make the world a more compassionate place, and that compassion really is unstoppable. Plus, this slouchy pullover is pretty much perfect; not too thick, not too thin, wonderfully soft. I like to wear it over a buttoned shirt or layer it over my comfiest dress!

MERCEDES: HOLIDAY TOTE. I think the Holiday Tote is a really awesome, cute, long lasting bag! I love that it not only looks great but it is also really durable with the waxed canvas and vegan leather. Plus you can organize a lot of stuff in there, and I’m the type that hauls around a lot of stuff for whatever reason.

SIERRA: Aromi Perfumes & Colognes. Aromi is awesome!!! They are a vegan company that makes quality makeup items, perfumes and colognes. Their solid perfumes and colognes come in a variety of yummy scents with great names, which makes them fun for gifts or a personal treat! I wear one almost every day, and half the fun for me is deciding whether I feel more "delicious," "stellar," "flawless," etc. My favorite perfumes are Amazing and Hipster, my favorite colognes are Masculine and Sweet Dude, and I have yet to find a scent I don't like.

DEANNA: Unbreakable Crop Tank. Chances are that I'm wearing this at least once or twice a week. It's perfectly cropped and fits like a dream. Now that it's been getting cooler, I love to pair it with a flannel or with one of our hoodies. The message is clear and really speaks to me; my belief in animal rights and veganism will be and always be unbreakable.

KRYSTI: Coltrane Belt. This belt is truly the most durable vegan belt I have ever come across. I have had mine for almost 2 years and it has never cracked, scuffed, or frayed. It still looks great, in fact, it get's better with age. Tougher than leather indeed!

DEANNA: Marled Beanies. It's totally okay to wear these everyday, or at least thats what I keep telling myself. This beanie looks awesome on everyone! You can keep your head warm and/or hide any bad hair day or roots with this stylish and comfy beanie!

KRYSTI: Herbivore Iron-on Patches. If you know me, you know i'm just a little obsessed with decorating my jean jacket with all the raddest pins and patches. Our Herbivore Patches are super cool and help me tell people who I am through the art of passive aggressive patch wearing. lol!

JOSH & DEANNA: Big White Yeti Candles. Deanna says: I'm not kidding when I say that I'm a candle snob. If you've ever been into the store, chances are that I've made you smell at least 4 or 5 different scents of BWY candles. I don't know what kind of magic they conjure to make such great scents, but it's truly a talent. I'm ALWAYS burning one of their candles whether I'm at the store or at home. There's something about these candles that just make you feel good.

MICHELLE: Compassion Is Invincible Hoodie. A grey hoodie serves all the purposes of a black hoodie but *just* a little differently. Also, compassion is invincible. Pow!

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