New Editions to Manor by jaila mills

As observed, there has been recent construction right next to school Manor New Technology High School. There have been many rumors as to what exactly is being built; a library, a new edition to our school? Well the suspense is over, what is being built right next door to us is Manor New Technology Middle School.

“Because we've made a difference with so many people's lives, people in the community- got together and started looking at ‘well what direction do we want our community to grow in?’- especially now that we're having the growth that we're having- people really liked the direction that New Tech High School was going in and so they wanted to expand those opportunities,” said Manor New Technology Principal, Bobby Garcia.

The reason behind Manor New Technology Middle School is because Manor is growing so rapidly; in 2005 our population was only about 2,000 now it's at about 11,000 and still growing with many houses being built. With our population growth also comes families which then also means children, and these children will have the opportunity to attend Manor New Technology Middle School starting in the 2017-18 school year. The school will be double our size (holding about 600+ students) and be located right next door to us. And once they're done with Manor New Technology Middle School, those students may be able to attend our lovely Manor New Technology High School and so on. One of these days they'll possibly start their “New Tech” journey at Manor New Technology Elementary.

The new middle school will include a brand new cafeteria, gym, etc. Now I know you're probably wondering “What's in it for us, What about our school?” We will be getting a new upgrade of our own soon as well such as a new athletics department (including a competition gym, locker rooms, & soon enough our very own school team), parking spaces, expanded cafeteria, larger classrooms/ buildings (such as the 300 building), more classrooms, etc.

“This school (Manor New Technology High School) has done a lot of really great things and we've helped students accomplish a lot of success that students hadn't necessarily accomplished before,” says Mr. Garcia.

Basically our school has done a lot of amazing things including introducing a new way of teaching (PBL) and introducing students to opportunities we didn't have before, therefore starting this need for more “New Tech” schools. Soon enough we'll have a whole set of New Tech schools: Manor New Technology High School, Manor New Technology Middle School, and Shadow Glen Elementary, this is only the beginning.

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