The health effects of technology use Elizabeth DiCesare

Children are so plugged into the technology around them, therefore, causing further issues to occur.

Instead of being inside on the phone or on the computer, children can be getting active with others. These activities could include dancing or clubs.
When children stay up late, on technology, it can cause children to become sleep deprived and over tired. This could result in sleeping during school classes or other times during the day.
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away." Children need to be eating nutritiously, instead of eating junk in front of the t.V.
Children should be outside getting exercise and fresh air instead of being inside watching T.V. or on the computer playing games. It will keep them healthy and fit.
Technology is all consuming and creates ultimate distractions in school and with others. Instead, children could be reading, doing homework, or interacting with friends and family; all of which help them grow as individuals.


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