Gord Downie Museum of caring

This is a picture of a video called The Secret Path which is based on a twelve year old boy who ran away from a residential school.

This is a Heritage minute of Chanie Wenjack

In this video, there is a interview with Gord Downie and it shows the video called The Secret Path.

These are members of the Tragically Hip which is a Canadian rock band from Kingston, Ontario with the lead singer Gord Downie, guitarist Paul Langlois, guitarist Rob Baker, bassist Gord Sinclair, drummer Johnny Fay and saxophonist Davis Manning.
This is a picture of the Tragically HIp playing their last song called A World Possesed by a Human Mind.
Gord Downie made a fund called the Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack fund hoping to raise at least 1 million dollars to bridge the gap between the indegenous and non- indegenous people.
Gord Downie has brain cancer which make people forget stuff and it kills people, sadly it has no cure.


Created with images by ryan.merkley - "Gord Downie Hillside 2001 by Ryan Merkley CC BY"

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