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Our Original, and delicious mix. Like no other.

Sandia (watermelon) GALLOCHELADA

We love love watermelon!? Juicy watermelon! 💦💦 now throw some tajin on it, and 💥 you take it to the next level! This is our Sandia Loca GalloCHELADA! We took real watermelons! We took some out our favorite sauces, spices, tajin, and some lime! 🤤


🍓! It's all you can expect from a delicious GALLOCHELADA with that sweet(Not Too Sweet 😉) strawberry twist.

3.a - La Michi Con Ceviche

Any of our GALLOCHELADA flavors topped of with some delicious, and fresh Ceviche.

3.b - Michi Con Aguachile

Any of our GALLOCHELADA flavors topped of with some delicious, and fresh Aguachile.

4. Pepino Michelada

so refreshing made with real cucumbers🥒! It's like a bowl of chopped up cucumbers with some tajin & some limonsito fused with a GALLOCHELADA

6. La Michi Mangoneada

Imagine your friendly neighborhood elotero cutting a dank mango into a flower, and sprinkling some tajin, and squirting 💦💦 some lime juice on it! 🤤

7. La Michi Aguachile

Unlike anything you've tried before. A Different type of Michelada. Great taste, and spicy! topped off with some Delicious, and fresh Aguachile.

5. La piña

Our Exclusive Pineapple Michelada. Great taste, Pineapple twist. Served on a Pineapple with Pineapple Garnish you can eat.
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