Adolf Hitler Rickywagner

Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933. He came to power because people voted for him.

Adolf Hitler treated people poorly. He put millions of people in concentration camps.

He conquered almost all of Europe to make his country great again

Pollitical Cartoon:

Wanted to take over the world

Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi's. He invaded Poland this started World War 2. He also started the Holocaust, which resulted in death of 6 million Jews.

Even though Hitler was the leader of Germany, he was not born there. He was born in Austria. Hitler had 5 siblings, but 4 of his siblings died young. He also had a half brother and a half sister.


Created with images by Tallapragada - "Hitler" • TRF_Mr_Hyde - "Adolf Hitler was chosen Time Magazine's 1938 Man of the Year." • dalecruse - "prisoners at Dachau Concentration Camp"

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