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I have looked at multiple roles that would be appropriate and suitable for me. My options were either to be Sound Mixer, PA and Floor Manager but as I researched more about those roles, I learned that Floor Manager would be the most appropriate for me.

Example TV make

In this TV make the background is visually appealing for it's contrast of black and blue. This attracts youths because it is not too serious or too childish for youths. Also this background is suitable for this TV make for it is simple and what they are making makes it per fact for the background. This TV make is very well organised that it has smooth transition between camera shots and the VT's, as well the presenters have spoken the their lines on time with the camera shots and VT's. The Function of the make is suitable for the target audience which are the youths. The make itself appeals to the youth because it is a fashion style. The VT for the ingredient list is very eye catching with it's smooth transitions and nice animations. The TV make showed their identity through a logo and a title sequence that is well known. The TV make has web that is similar to their title sequence so to be well remembered and easily found. there four presenters, the one on the very right is the demonstrator and the rest are supporters known as special guests. The presenters are dressed similar to the target audience which to attract the target audience. The supporters announce issues that they have daily, that may relate to the target audience then catching more attention from the target audience. The presenters have a clam inviting tone to get the target audience to emirs themselves, so to have more attention to production. The presenters have the same style of language to the region in this case they use British english, this may show the target audience that they have something in common. This may motivate the viewers to make it themselves because they have more in common such as daily issues and language giving the viewers the courage to make it themselves. there about 7 camera shots to improve the production's goal. One shot is a wide shot to show all the presenters, another is a close up shot at the demonstrator, another is a close up on one of the supporters, another is medium shot that shows all of the supporters, another is a close up shot on the demonstrator's hands when making the product, close up shot at the supporters faces to show the reaction, close up with the demonstrator wearing the product. There was a lot of talking and conversations between the the supporters and the demonstrator to take up time, also a lot of explanation between each step. there three simple steps for the making of the production. There were explanation and relation of the ingredients needed between the steps. There were four segments to the Production which are the intro, ingredient list, website link, outro and credits. These segments were indicated by the presenters action conversation and the demonstrator's lines.

The TV make uses social media to advertise itself for free, it also uses the social to find makes that will appeal its target audience. They can also use social media to gain ideas from its audience and improve its future TV makes.

On the 7th of January the sound mixer and I have come together to work on the VT's for our upcoming TV production. We asked the director what kind of theme she wanted to have simple VT that relates to the TV make. We did the VT's for the intro, logo, ingredients list, and credits. We had to get some materials to make the Vt's a lot better. We took a song from youtube for most of our VT's background music, and some images from the internet such as the logo.

As to my contribution to the group as a floor manager was to enforce safety hazards and warn everyone in the stage about the near hazards such as tripping over wires, equipment safety, etc. The group's make requires the usage of water which is a spilling hazard, so I brought plastic bags to prevent any of the water spilling on to the carpet and wires. As were rehearsing I guided the presenters to which camera to look at and finally I checked the wires to make sure that they were taped down to prevent anyone from tripping.

Me and the sound mixer working on the VT's
the cameras

There are many way this Make can be seen by our target audience such as Youtube, internal South Island School channel, etc.

Overall the outcome is not as expected because the vision mixer made quite a few mistakes that really affected the final production, these mistake can also be referred to as rookie mistakes, to back this up the vision mixer made mistakes at the first 3 seconds because the introduction was 2 seconds late, another is the transaction at (0:30), finally at the last few seconds of the production the vision mixer played the intro then the credits. As for the process it was good because everyone did what they were supposed to do and as more were rehearsals done the more everyone improved at their roles such as the camera operators, presenters, but unfortunately the vision mixer made too many similar mistakes that was not fixed for the final production.

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