Veins Run Deep: Savanna Bass Honors art iii Portfolio

On the left was my planning page, on the right is my final project.

Project 1: My first project this year I had a difficult time of coming up with something I wanted to pursue in my art. Eventually I thought of a plan and made my sketches, but one day I came in and changed it completely. And that is truly how art works if you ask me.

Planning page vs. Outcome

Puppet Collaboration: My group made the giraffe for the show, who played an important role of making sure there was water in the watering hole.I contributed by helping cut, fold, and shape the neck of the giraffe. I helped make the eyes and the nostrils for the giraffe as well. I also contributed by painting the base coat and painting the dots on the giraffe. Leah and I also dyed the fabric for the giraffe’s body.

Project 3/Showcase: In this piece of art, I continue my pattern of having the human heart in my artwork. It has grown to be something common that I use in my work due to both my aunt and grandfather passing away because of heart attacks.

Post Planning: After creating my artwork this semester and looking back on them, I am very proud and happy with the pieces I created. Throughout this semester I started off working with a medium that I was used to doing and was comfortable with. As the semester went on, I moved to a new medium that I had never tried and can now say that I have welded something, which was by far one of the most exciting experiences while making art I have ever had.

These two pieces were my inspiration created by Bruce Nauman.

Art History Connections: I used Bruce Nauman as my artist from Art 21 to connect with because I enjoy all of the movement that he puts into his artwork. Although my sculpture is not as vibrant as Naumans pieces, I tried incorporating movement into my sculpture, which I don't think I've been able to pull of as well in my other pieces so I was very proud.

Growth Statement:Throughout this semester I have accomplished and created so much more than I imagined I would have this year. This is my senior year and I could not have been happier with the progress I made as an artist and I will forever be grateful for the experiences that Mrs. Burwell gave me and pushed me to explore. I am also grateful for the friends that I made in class this year because if it were not for them, I would not have even had the idea to work with metal and create the sculpture that I am proudest of.

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