Place i would like to visit Hawaii By: Ryan Blantion

The Volcanos

  • Hawaii is the most common place for The Volcano
  • The Hawaiian – Emperor seamount chain is a series of volcanoes and seamounts extending across the Pacific Ocean.
  • Volcanoes are formed when magma from within the Earth's upper mantle works its way to the surface. At the surface, it erupts to form lava flows and ash deposits. Over time as the volcano continues to erupt, it will get bigger and bigger.

Hawaii Resorts

  • Most of the resorts have a 5 Star Rating and Free WiFi.
  • Many are located near the ocean and have super big and clean pools.
  • The most common places have open windows and glass tabels


Underwater activities: Snorkeling, Fishing, swimming, Dolphin interaction, Shark adventure, Boating, Submarine tour, water jetpack ride, Surfing.

Land activities: Golfing, Hiking, Biking, Volleyball, Basketball, Rock Climbing, Cliff jumping, Bungee Jumping, sand castles.

Air activities: Helicopter rides, paragliding, wing suits, parasailing, hang gliding, skydiving, zip lining.

Plant and animal life

  • The Ghost Orchid is the most highest priced flower in Hawaii.
  • Hawaiian Monk Seal is the most common animal in Hawaii.
  • The Ghost Orchid is mostly used flower for wedding.

Hawaii foods

  • Dishes like kalua pork, chicken long rice, squid luau, poi, laulau, and lomi lomi salmon.

Market place

  • Whalers Fine Jewelery
  • Mai Tai
  • Bob's Ukulele

Another place i would like to visit


  • Boa Constrictors
  • Alligators
  • Blue Heron
  • To name a few

florida cusine

  • Muscles
  • Shrimp
  • Lobster


  • Boat rides
  • Water Biking
  • Parasailing

Famous AMUSEMENT parks

  • Sea World
  • Legoland
  • WaltDisney World
  • Wet 'n Wild
  • Universal Studios

florida resorts

  • Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort, Golf Club, and Spa
  • Acqualina Resort & Spa
  • Hawks Kay Resort


  • Disney Cruise
  • Coco Cays
  • Blizzard Beach


  • Mostly sunny
  • Highest temp: 106 degrees
  • Lowest temp: 17 degrees


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