Quarter Two Book Project Ethan Wood

Brandon Mull, Sky Raiders Vs. Brandon Mull, Rogue Knight
Cole is brought into the world of the Outskirts through someone's basement and the power of a Wayminder.

I chose the books Five Kingdoms Sky Raiders, and Five Kingdoms Rogue Knoght to compare for my book project. These books are both by Brandon Mull, and are part of the same series. They do take place in the same world, and pretty closely in time, but in different areas. The world they are in is known as the Outskirts, and has five sections were people have certain powers, based on were they live. The main characters for each are the same but few important ones are added or explored more in the second novel. The central people, Cole, Jace, Mira, and Twitch, travel with their protector Joe McFarland to attempt a usurping of the government. In both books the characters have to fight a manifestation of Mira's sister's shaping powers, and are forced to flee from the legions of the High King, Mira's father. Our main character Cole Randolph's purpose throughout both books is to rescue his friends, who were sold into slavery when they entered this world. Once he can find them he plans to escape back to Earth as quick as possible. In the first book Cole meets Jace twitch and Mira at the home of the Sky Raiders. He is a slave there until after learning Mire is a princess he escapes. Cole realizes that to free his friends from slavery he will probably have to help Mira topple the slave supporting government.The government of the Outskirts is supposed to be controlled by a wise High Shaper advised by the shapers of each kingdom. However the High Shaper has turned himself into a wicked High King, and exiled the good shapers. In the second book Cole continues to his second kingdom, the kingdom of Elloweer. In Elloweer the magically powerful are able to create fantastic illusions, and biological alterations to the people and plants around them. Whilst there Cole meets Trillian a incredibly powerful Shaper, capable of controlling the world, Trillian advises Cole on how to leave the Outskirts, and he has to take this into consideration when he finds his best friend Dalton. Dalton was enslaved as a competent enchanter in a facility for the spreading of gossip, but Cole and a new character Sky rescue him. In the end of both books they have to battle with awe inspiring manifestations of shaping power, but I won't spoil how that works out for you.

In both books they escape into forests to avoid the creations of the Shaper Brady.
If you liked Sky Raiders, then you should try Rogue Knight, mainly because it's the next in the series anyway, and is highly enjoyable.

In the first book they face many challenges in the kingdom of Sambria, in the second they are hunting their way through the magical land of Elloweer. In the second book they run under cover around the country chasing someone down, in the first the run around the countryside being chased down. To fight the High King in the first book they have to save Mira, in the he second they are after Honor (a person) to take more of his power. The powers of shapers in each book are in contrast, for example in Sambria they alter non -sentient objects to become different or sentient, and in Elloweer they create fantastic illusions, or alter sentient beings. The plot of the first book focused mainly on escape and freedom for the main characters, while the second was more in the line of rescue. In the first book Cole has no power at all, but in the second, he gains a fantastic control over shaping power itself. In the second book Cole is suddenly an agent of the Unseen, but in the first he does not even know who they are.

Both books are highly involved with the monarchy of the Outskirts.
In both books spectacular manifestations of shaping power are displayed in battle.

In both the first and second books the characters are on the run from the law, trying to escape the forces of the High King, and complete their objectives. In the second book they tangle with the shaping powers of Brady and Honor, just like in the first were they battle for control over the powers of Mira. In both books they are accompanied by skilled shapers from a secret society to protect them and guide them through that shaper's particular kingdom. In both books they meet and ally themselves with the exiled Grand Shapers of those Kingdoms, and are helped by them in fighting the sisters shaping powers. In the second book they take refuge in Trillians Kingdom, and in the first they hide in Declan's, Cloudvale, both secret magical kingdoms ruled by extremely powerful shapers. In both the first and second Cole's objective remain the same, to rescue his friends from bondage, and stop the High King. In both books, Cole is asked and tempted multiple times with leaving Mira and finding his way directly out by of the Outskirts, but in both he decides not to. In the second book Cole willingly puts himself into mortal danger many times, just as in the first book, where he has to brave Brady's Forest to escape legionaries.

In both books Cole is forced to experience the strangeness of the Outskirts, including floating castles variating skys and moons, and terrifying shaped creatures.
While with the Sky Raiders in the first book Cole has to brave the danger of Sky castles.

You should read these books because they have gripping plots complex characters, original magic and ideas, spectacular battles and stunning paradises. The pace is fast, the plot jumping around and looping back, and making references too before the book even began. They both are extremely interesting and highly enjoyable, and make fantastic reads for fith graders on up. This series is one I would Highly recommend. Do not read them if you dislike magic, or suspense.


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