Hello Beautiful!

Your session is booked, your date is picked and now it's time to start planning!

Planning for your session should not be stressful, it should be fun! In this guide you will find helpful tips to plan and prepare for your session.

The Adore Girls studio is a negativity free zone.

Session Prep Timeline

Week leading up to your session:

  • Hydrate properly
  • If you choose to wax, please do so 3-4 days prior to your session to allow time for any redness to fade away. Bikini waxing is not required. If you have never done it, don't feel like you have to. (we get that question a lot)
  • Treat yourself to a mani and pedi! Schedule your appointment a day or two before your session.
  • Try on all of your wardrobe pieces that you plan on bringing to make sure everything fits properly and you are comfortable in them

Day of your shoot:

  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate
  • Eat. Do not starve yourself leading up to your session and especially the day of.
  • Wear loose, non-restricting clothing to the studio. We want to avoid red lines caused by tight fitting clothes. Please do NOT wear any type of jeans or extremely tight fitting clothes to the studio. The looser the clothes the better. We do have robes in the studio for you to change into while in hair and makeup.
  • Please come to the studio with no makeup on (you can still moisturize the morning of) and with your hair DRY and free of any product or hot tools. You will want to wash your hair the day before or morning of and give it a good blowout.
  • Feel free to bring extra pieces to your session. We will spend the first 15-20 minutes laying out all of your pieces and going through it with you picking the perfect wardrobe for your session.
  • Arrive at your scheduled time. No need to be early. If you are going to be late please give us a call and let us know. Late arrivals to cut into your shoot time due to other appointments. If you are more than 30 minutes late to your session, it will be called cancelled.
Let yourself be you.

Do's and Don'ts


  • Get your beauty sleep! (sometimes easier said than done we know)
  • Make it an opportunity to pamper yourself! Get a mani and pedi, treat yourself to at least one new piece of lingerie.
  • Moisturize twice a day leading up to your session.
  • Your session includes 1-4 outfits depending on what session you have scheduled. Feel free to bring a few extra pieces/outfits to the studio. We will go through them with you choosing the perfect pieces. We are here to help!
  • Hydrate!
  • Arrive for your session at the planned time. No need to arrive early.
  • Get ready to have fun! Know that none of this is normal. We coach you through the entire session showing you the poses, helping you get into the pose, coach and direct movement etc.


  • Don't over think this! Remember that the emphasis is on you, not jewelry and extravagant outfits.
  • Don't get caught in your head about what you think your flaws are and never apologize to us. Every single woman that has come through our studio has had cellulite, stretch marks, the baby bump that seems to never go away, bumps on their butt, bruises, scratches, wrinkles, acne and all those things REAL WOMEN have.
  • Please DO NOT get a spray tan. Spray tans leave you blotchy, streaky and orange in your photos. We are not responsible for and will not edit out blotches and streaks and we do not color correct skin. If you choose to spray tan you may end up with a lot of black and whites in your final gallery. Spray at your own risk.
  • Try not going to the tanning bed either. Fake tans pick up orange through our cameras. Again, we do not color correct skin from tanning and do not edit out the white marks that are left under the bum and arms from tanning beds. Tan at your own risk.
  • Watch natural sun tan lines. If they are light lines we can usually fade them out. If they are dark/high contrast lines we do not edit them out.
  • Keep props to a bare minimum or preferably none at all. We are fine with one little prop such as a book that has significance, a coffee mug or something small like that. We do not shoot multiple props. Again, the emphasis is on you not props. No guns in the studio.
  • No alcohol or drugs prior to the shoot. We do provide one or two complimentary mimosas with the Dream Session. If you have taken anything before you arrive such as muscle relaxers or prescription drugs we must be made aware.
  • If you do show up and have been drinking or have taken heavy muscle relaxes or the like, we do have the right to cancel the session. No refunds will be given.


We all have our insecurities but the studio is a negative free zone. Do not worry about anything. A positive attitude will ensure a fabulous and fun time!

Let yourself come out of your comfort zone

Posing and Coaching - We got you!

Know that none of this is normal. No one stands, sits or lays like this on a daily basis. (even though you might after your session!)

We coach and direct you every step of the way. We get into the pose ourselves showing you the idea, then have you get into it and tweak the pose so it fits you perfectly. We always have your best interest in mind. We coach you through movement to get he most natural and flattering images. We will never ask you to "be sexy" or "make a sexy face". The facial expressions are much more natural than what anyone thinks.

We do a lot of laughing throughout the session and we have the best time. The majority of our clients leave saying "That was nothing like I expected! That was so much fun and I cannot wait to do it again!"

That is what it is all about.

Beware: a session is known to cause a huge boost in self confidence.

Let's' talk wardrobe

Wardrobe is THE biggest question we get. "What should I wear?"

First and foremost, don't over think your wardrobe for your session.

  • Wear what you are comfortable in and that fits. We cannot stress enough to try on all of your pieces to make sure they fit properly before coming to the studio. If you bring pieces that are too small or too big for your session you will be uncomfortable and it will show in the images.
  • Take yourself shopping. Whether or not you go into the store to make a purchase, try all the cuts and styles on. A piece that you thought you may never like might surprise you and vice versa.
  • If you order online, allow enough time for returns or exchanges if the pieces do not fit.
  • Remember that not all lingerie is created equal. One cut or style might look great on one body type and not another. Again, try all the pieces on.
  • If you are self conscious about your tummy area, think about body suits, teddies, nighties and/or adding the sheet shots as an option. Pair a robe, button down shirt or shaw with a bra and pantie set.
  • Pair a tank top, cami, cardigan, wide-neck sweater, t-shirt with a pair of panties, or no panties at all if you are feeling adventurous. We love the bottomless look with a top.
  • Button down sheer blouse, his white shirt, his favorite jersey if he is sports fan.
  • Bra and pantie sets with or without a garter, teddies (one piece), nighties. Bodysuits are all the rage right now and they are amazing.
  • If you bring thigh highs, we prefer sheer. If you want to wear fishnet thigh highs or pantyhose we prefer FENCE NET. Fence net is the same as fishnet, just a bit wider design and it photographs better.
  • Shoes - We have a large collection of heels in our Nashville Studio that everyone is welcome to. Our heels range in sizes 6-10 in a variety of colors and styles. Feel free to bring your own but you are welcome to ours if you would like!
  • Our sheet shots are always an option! What is sexier than just you wrapped in a sheet?! The beauty of the sheet shots is you can be as covered or revealing as you would like. They are always a hit with our clients and always end up being the favorites. Sheet shots do count as an outfit.
  • A set of nudes is always an option as well. Nudes don't have to show "everything". We have plenty of nude poses we do where nothing actually shows. The "party parts", as we like to call them, can stay completely covered with arms, leg placement etc. Nudes are so liberating and beautiful.
  • The wardrobe needs to make sense in our studio. The studio is an actual house setting. Do not bring costume type outfits.
We give you permission to feel and be sexy.

How sexy do you want to get?

This is definitely a question to think about. Having a boudoir session is about being sensual and sexy. We like to call the studio your sexy safe space. There is never judgement and egos are encouraged.

This is always about you and your comfort level but we do like to give a little nudge to get out of your comfort zone. If you tell us you want to get super sexy during your session then we will suggest that type of posing always with your final say. What we mean by that is, if we ask you to do a pose and it is way out of your comfort zone then you just say the word. This works both ways. If you want to get sexier than what we are asking never hesitate to speak up. We never want you to leave the studio thinking I wish I would have done that or I wish I wouldn't have done that.

An example we like to use is this: If you tell us that nudes are a maybe or full breast shots then we will ask during the session if you are ready to do them. This is never us pushing for you to do any type of shot. We have found that it is much easier for us to ask the client in some cases than it is for the client to say "hey will you take picture of me naked now?" or "can I take my bra off for some shots".

We do have our limits and lines we do not cross. Everything we do is always tasteful and never smutty or raunchy. There is a fine line that is walked with boudoir and we never cross it putting our photography into a completely different category. What we do is always sensual, sexy, limit pushing but always tasteful and artistic.

Feel empowered.

We hope you have found this guide helpful for preparing for your session. If you ever have any questions leading up to your session, never hesitate to give us a call, shoot us an email or ask in the private group. We are always here!

If you haven't joined already, we would love to have you as part of our private, female-only Facebook group. It is full of past, present and future clients. It is a great place to ask questions to us or directly to past clients, see sneak peeks of sessions we are working on in The Editing Room, get exclusive member-only invites to our events and so much more!

So remember to relax, enjoy planning your session and get ready to have fun!

We will see you soon!!!

XoXo- Jamie & Courtney

2127 Antioch Pike, Nashville TN 37013 | 615-336-4256 | girls@theadoregirls.com


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