BSD PODE L2 Go-Kart Challenge Branden Hendricks

Problem Statement - My group has been given a task to design and build a Go-Kart. We are limited to the amount of wood(One Sheet of wood) and the time (Now-End of school year). The Go-kart must have a steering system, Braking system, and a power system(using a drill).


This is a Video that we found to give us a idea of what they look like and how to build it.
This is a drawing that we found on the internet of a model of a Go-kart.


This is a part of our steering system with holes for the wheels.
This is another photo of a sketch we made that goes in-depth of the dimensions of the Go-Kart.

Click the button below to view our progress


This is the first cut out of our Go-Kart build it is the steering portion of it.

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